Binance Unveiled Hack Investigation News

Exchange's team believes that attack could came from Eastern Europe
19 March 2018   719

The Binance Exchange, which announced the award for information on the recent hack attack, reported on the first results of its investigation.

Hackers receivedan access to API keys from user accounts due to a large-scale phishing attack and used them to manipulate the market. According to Binance, a group of intruders stands behind this attack, although the likelihood that it could hold one person, is also not excluded.

Binance provides a list of addresses on which copies of the exchanges that were used during the phishing attack were posted. It is curious that among them there are not only copies of Binance, but also Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinone, Etherdelta, Gemini, HitBTC, Poloniex, as well as some other exchanges and crypto-currency services.

Most of the domains are registered for 2 names: Sergey Kireev and Victoria Belinskaya. One of these registrars can also be associated with the creation of phishing copies of the Bittrex exchange in August 2017.

The IP address used to create the API keys (, according to the exchange's information, refers to Lipetsk, Russia. Binance admits that hackers could use a VPN or other service to hide the real location, while noting that with a high degree of confidence it can be argued that the attack was from Eastern Europe.

The company also identified several suspicious transactions of Viacoin, which took place 1-2 hours before the incident. A total of 31 suspicious transactions were identified for a total of 4,000 VIAs. All of them were committed within 200 blocks.

Binance to Start New Fiat Exchange Beta Test

As reported, CEO of the exchange had announced the new platform at event in Singapore
17 September 2018   280

On Tuesday, September 18, Binance will launch closed beta testing of a new trading platform with support for Fiat in Singapore.

The corresponding statement of the head of Binance Changpeng Zhao made on Twitter.

I just slipped that we will begin Binance Singapore fiat exchange live money closed beta testing on Sept 18th, in 3 days. Invitation only first. Exciting!

Changpeng Zhao

Founder, Binance

Other details of the new Binance initiative have not yet been disclosed, but it can be assumed that the new exchange will support the Singapore dollar.

As Finance Magnates clarifies, Changpeng Zhao also reported on the launch of the new platform at the blockchaain conference in Singapore, where co-founder and CEO of the Gemini exchange Tyler Winklewoss also attended.

Last week Binance signed a memorandum of understanding with the Stock Exchange of Malta, under which a platform will be launched to trade tokens with the properties of securities.