Binance Users to Face Login Issues

Official Binance Twitter account reports on resolving the issue, however, looks like some users are still facing it
04 April 2018   1899

Many users of popular exchange Binance have faced login issues.

So, one of the traders of the Binance exchange reported about issues on Twitter:

CryptoScot Twitter
CryptoScot Twitter

Soon Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that the problem really exists, and it is connected with a bug in the database. Also, Zhao said that, for security reasons, the Binance exchange for some time disconnected the possibility of withdrawing fund.

Binance Twitter
Binance Twitter

However, soon the administration of the exchange assured users that technical problems had been solved.

Binance Login Issue
Binance Login Issue

Some users still reports on login issues, but we hope that they will be solve soon.

Binance DEX to List 5 TrustToken Stablecoins

Binance DEX listed TrueUSD, TrueGBP, TrueAUD, TrueCAD and TrueHKD, tied to appropriate fiat currencies
08 August 2019   212

Non-custodian exchange Binance DEX in the near future conducted a listing of five new stablecoin issuer TrustToken, The Block reports.

As TrustToken said, Binance DEX added TrueUSD, TrueGBP, TrueAUD, TrueCAD and TrueHKD, exchange rates related to the US dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar and Hong Kong dollar, respectively.

All five assets will be released on the blockchain. Until this moment, TrustToken stablecoins were available only in the format of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Binance DEX has new opportunities for making financial contributions. TrueUSD trading on Binance DEX should start on August 8th. Listing suggestions for other TrustToken stablecoins will be issued in the coming weeks.

TrustToken plans to launch its new or two additional blockchains before the end of the year and the new TrueSGD, the rate of which will be tied to the Singapore dollar, “soon”.