Binance Users to Face Login Issues

Official Binance Twitter account reports on resolving the issue, however, looks like some users are still facing it
04 April 2018   228

Many users of popular exchange Binance have faced login issues.

So, one of the traders of the Binance exchange reported about issues on Twitter:

CryptoScot Twitter
CryptoScot Twitter

Soon Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that the problem really exists, and it is connected with a bug in the database. Also, Zhao said that, for security reasons, the Binance exchange for some time disconnected the possibility of withdrawing fund.

Binance Twitter
Binance Twitter

However, soon the administration of the exchange assured users that technical problems had been solved.

Binance Login Issue
Binance Login Issue

Some users still reports on login issues, but we hope that they will be solve soon.

Binance to Deny Dollar Trading Launch

These reports are "fake news," as company's spokeswoman said
20 April 2018   88

Binance Exchange has denied the information that it will allow its users to buy digital tokens for US dollars. This is reported by Bloomberg.

These reports are "fake news" the company's spokeswoman said in response to a request via e-mail.

Articles that Binance will launch dollar trading flew Twitter and several crypto-currency websites on Friday, along with the prices of altcoins, including EOS and Monero, went up.

Today, 20th April 2018, a number of reports have been published about the addition of dollar trades on Binance, but all of them, in fact, are a reference to an earlier article of the same Bloomberg, published on March 23, in which the CEO of the exchange, Zhao Changpeng, talked about the company's plans to move to Malta , the search for a banking partner and the possible launch of trading under the "fiat cryptocurrency" scheme. Zhao didn't name the fiat currency that can be used in this type of trading.