BIP141 signaling start

1916 of 2016 blocks have to signal in order to active SegWit protocol
28 July 2017   3151

Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

On Thursday, July 27, stage of Segregated Witness protocol signaling started (SegWit, BIP 141). This means that if at least 95% of the blocks (1916 of 2016) signal in support of SegWit, then the protocol will be fixed. In turn, this will provide the conditions for activating the offer for scaling BIP 141. service provides the progress of this process


According to another webservice,, this stage ("lock-in period") will end at 8th of August.
Lock-in period by

Now, the most interesting part for all Bitcoin traders. What's the price reaction about these news? Bitcoin gained 7.24% in 24 hours!

Bitcoin Price Chart
Bitcoin Price Chart


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Now 1 Bitcoin costs $2748.97.

It worth reminding that another Bitcoin optimization protocol was activated on 23th of July. BIP91 is a modified version of the BTC1 (SegWit2x), which supported a number of bitcoin-companies and mining pools, in May of 2017 signed under the relevant agreement in New York.

Franck Muller to Create Encrypto Bitcoin Watch

A limited line of watches (up to 500 units of male and female models) priced from $ 10 to $ 60 thousand
23 May 2019   62

The Swiss luxury watch maker Franck Muller, in partnership with the cryptocurrency trading platform Regal Assets, launched Encrypto, the world's first functional bitcoin watch. This is reported by the Coindesk.

The main feature of Encrypto will be the possibility of "deep storage" of Bitcoin. So, along with the watch, customers will receive a USB wallet containing a private key to the wallet, the public key is applied to the watch face.

A limited line of watches (up to 500 units of male and female models) priced from $ 10 to $ 60 thousand is also available in the online store of Franck Muller, as well as in the company store in Dubai. Along with traditional credit card and bank transfer, you can buy them for Bitcoins.

The company also reported that they are considering the possibility of issuing such watches with the support of other leading cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and XRP.

In the beginning of the year it became known that the Swiss watch manufacturer A. Favre & Fils is developing a handmade mechanical watch with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.