BIP91 is active

97.9% of miners now support SegWit; BIP 91 was activated on block 477120
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Sergey Siminskiy
23 July

Is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen.

Today's morning, July 23, the activation BIP 91 started. Now all the blocks that do not signal support of Segregated Witness (SegWit), will be rejected.

According to, 97.9% of the miners support SegWit.

BIP 91 is a modified version of the BTC1 (SegWit2x), which supported a number of bitcoin-companies and mining pools, in May of 2017 signed under the relevant agreement in New York. In addition, BIP 91 is compatible with BIP 148 (UASF) - another proposal to activate the original SegWit offer, described in BIP 141.


Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks.

Thus, the activation of BIP 91 also means a high probability of activation of the BTC1 protocol (SegWit2x) and the actual elimination of the risk of bitcoin hardfork due to the activation of BIP 148, which should occur on August 1.

At the same time, there is still a probability of a hardfork as a result of the increase in the block size to 2 MB, provided by SegWit2x within three months after the activation of SegWit.

BIP 91 was activated on block 477120. The next update of the level of complexity should take place on block 477792, therefore, if nothing unforeseen happens, SegWit should be fixed on 479808 (mid-August), and the direct activation of the protocol on block 481824 (end of August).

And what about Bitcoin price?

Bitcoin Charts
Bitcoin Charts

Bitcoin lost 3.15% of his price in 24 hours and now is $2729.38. Is it just a little "fall" or a harbinger of a precipitous collapse? Or Bitcoin will rise rapidly? We will see. 

On the 27th of July, another Bitcoin optimization protocol signaling stage have started - BIP141.

Top upcoming ICO August 20th - August 26th

List of the most interesting ICOs which will start from 20th to 26th of August
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Sergey Siminskiy
20 August

According to the experts, for the first three years of the ICO Institute, from 2013 (when Mastercoin first sold its tokens to the ICO) until 2016, about $150 million was raised. In 2016 ICOs collected more than $ 250 million (of which $ 150 million accounted for The DAO), and in the 6.5 months of 2017 within the ICO, $ 1.2 billion was raised! 


The Umbrella Coin (UMC) team is building a next generation model for providing risk management and general benefits. Worldwide, more disposable income than ever is going towards Property/Casual and Life/Health premiums, with companies still passing on costs to policyholders. UMC saw this as an opportunity to help individuals and families trying their best to make ends meet. UMC developed an innovative way to help relieve financial stress so that way we can enjoy happy moments, and the unexpected tragedies as well.

Sales period. From Aug 20, 2017 to Oct 20, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Max investment cap. 100 000 ETH
Website and whitepaper. rate - 79/100.


Enigma Catalyst will be an open platform where quantitative traders and data scientists can build, test, deploy and monetize trading algorithms within a native, decentralized crypto-exchange. The Enigma Catalyst ecosystem will be composed of two primary features: a decentralized crypto-exchange and an open source software development kit (SDK) for data scientists. Data, such as proprietary data sets, personal information, trading algorithms, and order books will be decentrally stored in a distributed database using a modified Kademila DHT protocol. This is the same distributed data storage protocol used by BitTorrent and Storj.

Sales period. From Aug 21, 2017 to Aug 31, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Max investment cap. $30 M
Website and whitepaper. rate - 87/100.


Jincor is a venture-backed enterprise communication tool aimed at helping employees within an organisation to connect with each other and existing external partners as well as to establish new business relations with companies across the globe and streamline blockchain transactions involving digital assets, contractual and legal procedures via smart contracts. Jincor sees its mission in building a global enterprise platform which interconnects organizations, people within them and assets into a blockchain-powered autonomous ecosystem, while also thriving on security and transparency. Thus challenging inherent complexity and limitations of the dominant institutional designs, our goal is to ultimately empower business communications by reducing the amount of time, effort and money it usually takes to find and establish valuable business connections, expand your market reach and execute transactions.

Jincor logo
Jincor logo

Sales period. From Aug 21, 2017 to Sep 18, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Max investment cap. $13.5 M
Website and whitepaper. rate - 80/100.


StreamSpace incorporates cutting edge technologies like decentralized storage systems and blockchains, which make it the most progressive streaming marketplace in the world. Filmmakers set a price for their work and are paid immediately by consumers, disrupting the traditional industry model.

Sales period. From Aug 21, 2017 to Sep 18, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Max investment cap. $20 M
Website and whitepaper. rate - 81/100.


TokenStub is a decentralized infrastructure for event ticket sales, which aims to disrupt the $33 billion event ticketing industry.  The ticketing industry is plagued with problems.  Consumers are blocked from the primary market due to the proliferation of sophisticated resellers who use bots to buy up the majority of tickets.  When consumers are able to access the primary market, typically only subpar seats are available – and customers must pay exorbitant fees to secure those seats.  If tickets to an event are sold out, consumers typically turn to the secondary market to source their tickets.  On the secondary market, they also pay high fees and risk fraud due to the lack of transparency.

 TokenStub logo

Sales period. From Aug 25, 2017 to Oct 3, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC
Max investment cap. $15 M
Website and whitepaper. rate - 76/100.

TokenStars ACE

ACE provides funding and promotion resources to young aspiring tennis players at the critical junior age, so they don't drop out of professional sports. This significantly raises their chances for success. When successful tennis stars earn prize money and as they accumulate celebrity status, players sign huge sponsorship deals.

Sales period. From Aug 24, 2017 to Oct 24, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Max investment cap. $15 M
Website and whitepaper. rate - 82/100.


UNYT is run on IPFS, and operates through the Ethereum blockchain. Countless nodes supporting the system means it is never vulnerable to outages or DoS attacks.
Smart Escrow powered by Ethereum makes up the backbone of UNYT. Unalterable and uninterruptible, the Smart Escrow smart contracts allow for secure and transparent real-time payments. You are only ever represented by your chosen username, and payments are made to and from private addresses under your control. UNYT simply coordinates the interactions and transactions, but does not hold funds at any stage.


Sales period. From Aug 21, 2017 to Sep 4, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Max investment cap. 400 000 ETH
Website and whitepaper. rate - 73/100.

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