BIP91 locked-in

Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 91 is now locked in
21 July 2017   1716



Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

Segregated Witness, defined by BIP141, locks in if at least 95% of miners signal support for the upgrade within a two-week difficulty period. In order to do so, miners need to embed a piece of data called “bit 1” in the blocks they mine. This is technically the only way for SegWit to be activated right now. 

However, there are some alternative strategies to reach this threshold “indirectly” — those like BIP91.

BIP91 is a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal adopted due to the New York Agreement and supported by a number of Bitcoin companies and mining pools. 

What happened?


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Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 91 (BIP91) has just locked in as up to 90% of all hash power signaled support for this softfork signaled in support of this decision. The next step is to be the activation of Segregated Witness (SegWit). As a result, this should make BIP148 obsolete and the risk of chain split on August 1st will be avoided.

Proposal Activation SpotlightProposal Activation Spotlight by

Thus, miners have been signaling support for BIP91 over the past couple of days through another piece of data, “bit 4.” Once 269 blocks within a 336-block window include bit 4, this BIP91 soft fork gets locked in. And this is exactly what just happened.

What's next

After another 336 blocks, a little over two days from now, all BIP91-compatible nodes will reject any block that doesn’t include bit 1.

As long as a majority of hash power enforces BIP91, this majority should eventually control the longest valid chain according to all Bitcoin nodes. And as this chain consists of bit 1 SegWit-signaling blocks only, it would in turn activate SegWit on all SegWit-ready nodes.

In this case, BIP141 should lock in by mid-August, and SegWit should be live on the Bitcoin network after a two-week “grace period” by the end of the month.

HTMLCoin swap process comes to an end

On March 27 HTMLCoin finalizes the swap procedure of old HTML5Coin into HTMLCoin at a rate 3:1 and thus the migration to a new blockchain will be officially completed
21 March 2018   30

In full accordance with the swap schedule, March 27 marks the end of the swap procedure of the old HTML5Coin token into new HTMLCoin token. This final stage of the swap that lasted roughly 14 days is considered to be late stage and thus the rate is 3 (old) : 1 (new).

A special web form was prepared so that the users could fill it out and perform the swat themselves (therefore it was called 'Self-swap service'). The users can use this form for both the HTML5Coin wallet addresses and YoBIT exchange withdrawal code called 'Yobit code'. The HTMLCoin team warns that sometimes the YoBIT exchange withdrawal function may not work and recommends repeating the procedure later or contact HTMLCoin support for help with the withdrawal.

The actual swap are going to be handled on Saturday, March 31. The official end date of the swap procedure is set on March 28. This swap is due to the migration of HTMLCoin to a new blockchain with new features for freelancers and segregated minorities (e-learning programs, job hunting and connections, freelance mobile app). These rich features all aim to empower freelancers and vulnerable communities to new bold opportunities, learn new skills and apply them immediately. Freelancers-Business platform is set to connect companies and freelancers to help adopt these innovative concept.

As of the moment of publication, the HTMLCoin market indicators are as follows:

Average price: $0.000541

Market cap: $35,579,234

Volume (24h): $70,079