Bisq Introduced 7 New Methods of Payment

One of the first decentralized bitcoin exchange app Bisq released Bisq v0.6.6  
27 February 2018   569

Last year the app rebranded its name from the Bitsquare to Bisq. The update includes 75% reduction in minimum trading fees, 7 new payment methods and the ability to deactivate open offers.

The app added new methods of payment and reduced trading fees in order to help bootstrap its US trading of BTC. It officially announced adding:

  • Venmo

  • Cash App

  • Popmoney

  • Revoult

  • Uphold

  • MoneyBeam


This should expand Bisq’s reach in the US in a big way, and will be important for the week’s BTC-USD liquidity effort.

The Bisq team

As it already stated, the new version of Bisq has reduced the minimum trading fee 75% from 0.0002 BTC to 0.00005 BTC. Currently, it is more economical to trade very small amounts on Bisq.

The deactivation of open offers is now available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and also has DASH, LTC, and DOGE markets.

Korea May Issue New Crypto Regulation Soon

Ass reported, during the period from July 13 to 26 members of political parties will present their proposals on regulating the sphere of cryptocurrencies
12 July 2018   170

In the coming days, the National Assembly of South Korea, presumably, will consider a number of legislative initiatives related to the regulation of the cryptocurrency.

As reported by The Korea Times, during the period from July 13 to 26 members of a number of political parties of the country will present their proposals on regulating the sphere of cryptocurrencies, the ICOs and blockchain.

According to the source, among others, the representative of the ruling Democratic Party Pak Jon-ji and representative of the leading opposition party "Free Korea" Chun Tae-ou will present their bills.

It is expected that many bills will be considered these days, but it is unknown exactly how the process will proceed. The Korea Times notes that members of the National Assembly "remain mostly scattered" when discussing the problem of cryptocurrency.

In any case, this initiative should serve as a catalyst for a new debate on the status of the country's cryptocurrency, whose population shows an increased interest in this market.

Another member of the National Assembly will hold another event this month, which can also affect the fate of the country's exchanges. The representative of "Free Korea" Song Hy-kun will participate in the debate with the Korean Agency for Internet and Security regarding the safety of local crypto exchanges. The event is organized in the light of the recent hacking of Coinrail and Bithumb.