Bit-Z Lists ValueCyberToken (VCT)

ValueCyberToken (VCT) trading on IDEX starts on March 26
26 March 2018   2326

Bit-Z will list VCT (ValueCyberToken) on March 26. Trading of VCT/ETH pair will be available at at 15:00 (Hong Kong time).

VCT Launch on Bit-ZVCT launch on Bit-Z

About ValueCyberToken

ValueCyber is a blockchain system designed for the cooperation required by production and circulation in the digital economy era, a blockchain that tries to meet the technical and openness requirements for next-generation blockchain. Its final objective is to establish a blockchain platform that serves the current and future social and economic automation. ValueCyber expects to satisfy the demands on liquidity in the process of production.


To this end, ValueCyber not only supports the circulation symbols of ordinary encrypted digital currencies, but also expands the circulation and collaboration under its support to the field of liabilities.


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ASX to Postpone Blockchain Migration Due to COVID-19

Australian Stock Exchange has been developing mechanisms based on DLT that will replace the their CHESS clearing system since 2017
25 March 2020   1354

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is once again migrating its systems to the blockchain, now because of the coronavirus pandemic. On March 25, ASX announced plans to change.

Since December 2017, ASX has been developing mechanisms based on distributed ledger technology that will replace the CHESS clearing system it uses. According to the latest data, and after the previous transfer, it was assumed that a full transition will be carried out in April 2021.

In light of recent events, ASX is replanning the implementation of the CHESS [Clearing House Electronic Subregister System] replacement system. We are conscious of the importance of providing a new schedule, and the need to get the valuable input of CHESS users.


Peter Hiom

ASX deputy CEO

The exchange admits that even before recent events, it received mixed reviews on its initiative. Some clients urged her to delay the integration of the blockchain. In accordance with the updated plan, the launch of a test environment for developers is scheduled for July 2020.

ASX remains fully committed to CHESS replacement. We continue to progress the project, including system development and testing, supporting back office software developers, and assisting users in their readiness activities. The investments we are making in the new system and in distributed ledger technology are for the long-term benefit of the financial services industry and the Australian economy. 


Peter Hiom

ASX deputy CEO