Bitcoin: $6700 almost reached

Let's figure out what stands behind these new Bitcoin price maximum
01 November 2017   1691

Bitcoin price

First cryptocurrency continues its rapid growth. At the moment of press, it is being traded on Bithumb exchange for $6682.31 average.

Bithumb Bitcoin Buy/Sell Orders
Bithumb Bitcoin Buy/Sell Orders

Average price is $6538.17 with almost $108B marketcap.

Bitcoin Charts
Bitcoin Charts


Let's try to figure out, what are the background on these new price hights of Bitcoin.

CME to launch Bitcoin futures contract
World’s largest derivatives exchange, CME Group, is to launch Bitcoin futures by the end of the year. Assuming regulators grant CME’s application, the exchange will become the second U.S. regulated exchange to offer Bitcoin derivatives to institutional traders.

Bloomberg says "Bitcoin is going legit, for better or worse."
This is unexpected move by one of the two leading providers of financial information for professional participants in financial markets.

Electrum to Add Lightning Network Support Soon

According to the team, in other words, Electrum will turn into a Lightning node
14 October 2019   46

The Lightning Network protocol will be implemented in the popular Electrum bitcoin wallet in the next release.

As the representatives of the project said in a statement today, the Lightning node’s own implementation has already been merged with the main development branch.

The next release of Electrum will support Lightning payments. Our lightning node implementation has been merged into Electrum's master branch.

Electrum @twitter

Developers also emphasize that, in essence, Electrum will turn into a full-fledged Lightning node.

Recall that the intention to implement Lightning Network support, the creator of Electrum Thomas Vogtlin announced in July at the BIP001 conference in Odessa.