Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference Turkey to take place on 1st of March

On March 1 Istanbul will host Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference to discuss the future of digital currencies
27 December 2017   1779

The conference will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on March 1. The organizer is an international company Smile-Expo, which has already carried out 11 Bitcoin and Blockchain conference events all over the world. And in 2018 it comes to Turkey.

Why Turkey, you ask? Because this country has quite lax laws about cryptocurrency regulations and event local authorities has drastically changed their tune since early statements that Bitcoin is a risky asset. Now they say, that digital currencies can help stabilize and restore the economic situation in Turkey.

The target audience encompasses everyone involved in virtual currency world from developers and entrepreneurs to blockchain startup authors and representatives of banking and financial institutions.

The event will consist of three sections:

  • Blockchain technology and practical solutions based on it.

  • Fintech and Blockchain.

  • ICO.

According to the official site, the number of speakers will include authorities, Turkish fintech market leaders and most influential people of the cryptocurrency world. And mind the fact, that the conference's official language is English.

Also, the visitors will have hardware and software exhibition with the presentation of the latest mining equipement and innovative blockchain-based applications.

The ticket are already on sale on the official site, and until January 31, 2018 there is a 60% discount. 

70 Crypto Hedge Funds to Close in 2019

At the same time, the number of funds opened this year is not even half of the values of the past two years
05 December 2019   70

About 70 cryptocurrency hedge funds focused on pension funds, family offices and other large investors closed this year. It is reported by Bloomberg.

The diagram below shows that the largest number of such funds were launched in 2017 and 2018 (291 and 284, respectively):

Crypto Fund Launches by Year Plummet
Crypto Fund Launches by Year Plummet

At the same time, the number of funds opened this year is not even half of the indicators of the past two years.

Most funds this year appeared in North America (28) and Europe (23). Asian countries and other regions are significantly behind in this regard.

2019 Crypto Fund Closures by Region
2019 Crypto Fund Closures by Region

The market is definitely retail driven and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Nic Carter

Co-founder, Coin Metrics.

Blockchain Capital's general partner Spencer Bogart has a different perspective. In his opinion, the institutionalization of the market continues.

Taking a step back, I think some would argue that the levels of institutional adoption are disappointing or underwhelming but, of course, this view depends entirely on expectations. To me, the fact that there is any institutional adoption for Bitcoin only 10 years into existence is a radical success and beyond what anyone could have imagined just 3 or 4 years ago.

Spencer Bogart

General partner, Blockchain Capital LLC