Bitcoin Core 0.15 to be released

Bitcoin Core 0.15 release presented by the developers in San Francisco
05 September 2017   672

The new Bitcoin Core 0.15 software was presented by the developers at a recent meet up in San Francisco. A detailed report describing the key features was prepared by Greg Maxwell.

The release of the new version of the official client has been expected to take place by September 1st, but was postponed to September 14th-15th. As noted by Maxwell, a two-week delay is connected with the extremely high activity among the of developers as well as with the fact that not all of them have an access to the necessary cryptographic keys.

Thus, the Bitcoin Core  release plan looks as follows.

Bitcoin Core releases Bitcoin Core releases 

According to Maxwell, while working on v0.15, the main focus was primarily on the software performance. One of the reasons for this is the rapid growth of Bitcoin, which requires faster software. Speaking of improving productivity, one of the most important areas of work is a complete rework of the Chainstate (UTXO) database, meaning the output of unspent transactions.

The Chainstate (UTXO) database rework The Chainstate (UTXO) database rework

At the same time, there was a 15% increase in the size of the database on the disk (up to 2.8 GB), but, as noted by the developers, the overall performance improvement compensates it to the full. Another improvement related to the Chainstate database is a delayed (non-atomic) cache flushing.

Furthermore, among the other changes are:

  • The platform work boost
  • Caching of the script validation
  • Multiwallet
  • Improved mechanism for calculating and processing fees
  • Full support for SegWit

Genesis Conference to be Held in London

Genesis Conference will cover research and development, regulation, economics and applications issues, taking place in London on February 22
21 February 2018   27

Genesis London Conference will take place on February 22, tackling the most pertinent issues in blockchain space: research and development, regulation, economics and applications.

Genesis London is a platform for researchers, developers and generally anyone interested in blockchain, and its priority is to share knowledge, facilitate productive discourse and filter out the hype.

Location: The CityPoint building, 1 Ropemaker St, London, EC2, UK
Date and time: 9:30AM - 8PM, February 22, 2018

The agenda of the conference includes Privacy and Confidentiality Techniques for Blockchains; Permissioned Business Blockchain Applications and Use-cases; Scalable, Transparent and Post-quantum Secure Computational Integrity, with Applications to Cryptocurrencies; A Rational Protocol Design Treatment of Bitcoin, and more.

The headline speakers include Patrick de Laive, co-founder of TNW; Margarita Khartanovich, head of insight at Binary District; Jack Gavigan, chief operating officer at ZCash; Jeremy Kahn, technology writer for Bloomberg, and many more.