Bitcoin developer released SegWit2x statement

Jimmy Song believes that the most of the SegWit2x related forecasts are incorrect
08 November 2017   1013

Jimmy Song, one of the Bitcoin developers published own thoughts on the upcoming Bitcoin hardfork, called SegWit2X. Let's look what he thinks.

I’m going to go through a few of the scenarios. Big caveat is that I don’t expect any of these scenarios to come to pass.

Jimmy Song

Bitcoin developer

On his opinion, the real situation is much more complicated. Next six month after the hardfork will decide Bitcoin's destiny, due to the fact that miners need some time in order to figure out, which coin is more profitable. 

A static, first order estimation of the current situation suggests that the current futures market price and current mining split is not stable economically. The people on different sides of the debate essentially stand on different sides of what will correct.

Jimmy Song

Bitcoin developer

Jimmy also promised to publish more thoughts in the nearest future.

BTC Extortionists to Send Explosion Threats In US & CA

Police reported that explosive devices in the places specified by extortionists were not found
14 December 2018   79

In Canada and the United States, local businesses and residents received letters threatening to detonate a bomb if they did not send bitcoins to extortionists. Because of this, in some regions, law enforcement officers evacuated people from bus stations, schools and airports, reports Global News.

Extortionists threatened to blow up universities, schools, city halls and local businesses in the US states of Utah, Aidaxo, New York, Oklahoma and Illinois. The New York City Police Department urged residents not to panic or send bitcoins to criminals. Police also reported that explosive devices in the places specified by extortionists were not found.

In Canada, extortionists promised to blow up buildings and car dealerships in Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Calgary and Montreal. Some residents of the attackers asked for a ransom in bitcoins in the amount of $ 20 thousand. After verification, the Calgary police stated that the messages were part of phishing attacks and did not pose a threat to the public.