Bitcoin falls below $4000

The corrective phase: Bitcoin price falls below $4,000
15 August 2017   3446

Bitcoin price falls below $4,000 losing over 10% in value after reaching a new all-time record high above $4,400. At the time of writing, the price is around $3970.

Bitcoin price chart on Bitcoin price chart on

As the data from the Bitstamp Price Index shows, Bitcoin price reached $4,400 during the early hours of Tuesday around 02:00 AM (GMT). Then, the trading period over the day saw Bitcoin’s value slip back toward $4,200 around 07:00. A sharp drop at 11:00 resulted in Bitcoin price dipping to $3,925.

Data on Bitcoin price from the Bitstamp Price Index Data on Bitcoin price from the Bitstamp Price Index

As Sheba Jafari, Goldman Sachs' chart analyst, claims, Bitcoin is riding a “fifth wave", so this rapid price fall must be the correction phase after which, according to the predictions, the price may drop to about $2,000.

Fake ZecWallet to be Found at GitHub

According to the mine Zcash twitter account, the fake wallet has different size and checksum
21 October 2019   26

Representatives of the ZCash community discovered a potentially malicious fake version of the ZecWallet native wallet on GitHub.

Earlier in the Zcash protocol and most of its forks, a vulnerability was found that could reveal the IP address of a full node that owns a secure address (zaddr).