Bitcoin Gold hardfork implemented

Learn about new hardfork of first cryptocurrency; Bitcoin Gold price chart inside
24 October 2017   840

The planned Bitcoin Gold hardfork took place just before the deadline. A snapshot of the bitcoin, as confirmed by the developers of the project, was made on block 491,407.

Initially, it was expected that the BTG fork will occur on October 25, but the bitcoin network reached this block somewhat faster.

As the project developers confirmed in the published road map, the Bitcoin Gold network itself will not be launched immediately, but a few days after the snapshot. Presumably, this should happen on November 1.

Earlier Bitcoin Gold was criticized for its lack of adequate protection against replaying transactions, but the developers assured that such protection will be implemented, and this will be done before the official launch of the network. They also promise a unique address format. 

Earlier representatives of Bitcoin Gold stated that they intend to create a truly "decentralized bitcoin", and thanks to the use of the algorithm of Equihash, mining will become more simple and affordable for ordinary users.

Earlier, some exchanges and purse providers have already expressed their position on BTG. So, Coinbase and GDAX do not plan to charge users with new coins. Bittrex will charge its BTC holders with BTG but refuses to launch BTG trades. EXMO and WEX refused to support BTG, but HitBTC and Yobit, on the contrary, are ready to support the coin. Bitfinex, meanwhile, not only confirmed the release of shared tokens (Chain Split Tokens), but also started trading them.

Bitcoin Gold Price 

At the moment of press, its still too early to talk about the market cap of new Bitcoin fork. But we can see the average price and a chart.

Bitcoin Gold price chart
Bitcoin Gold price chart

According to Coinmarketcap, trading volume of BTG is $8,710,670 and average price is $403.38.

OKex Launches XRP, EOS and BTG Futures Trading

OKex cryptocurrency exchange is continuously updating the list of supported currencies, and it has recently decided to launch the futures contracts of most famous coins
25 January 2018   1074

OKEx, a Hong Kong based blockchain asset exchange, has made an announcement on January 25 concerning launch of trading of Ripple, EOS and Bitcoin Gold futures. The launch went live from 10:00 CET on January 25, 2018.