Bitcoin Gold implemented replay protection

According to official anouncement of Bitcoin Gold team, now replaying transactions are impossible for BTG
01 November 2017   632

Bitcoin Gold team finally fixed one of the biggest issues of BTG - according to official Twitter, replay protection is fully implemented.

Bitcoin Gold has just implemented a solution called SIGHASH_FORK_ID replay protection. It is an effective two-way replay protection mechanism that enforces a new algorithm to calculate the hash of a transaction so that all new Bitcoin transactions will be invalid on Bitcoin Gold blockchain and vice versa. This makes replaying transactions impossible.

BTG team

According to official statement, these are the next steps:

  • Launch public testnet
  • Adjust network parameters
  • Prepare for mainnet launch
  • Deploy mainnet
  • Electrum fork
  • 3rd party Wallets and Exchanges integration
  • Decentralized mining start


OKex Launches XRP, EOS and BTG Futures Trading

OKex cryptocurrency exchange is continuously updating the list of supported currencies, and it has recently decided to launch the futures contracts of most famous coins
25 January 2018   1076

OKEx, a Hong Kong based blockchain asset exchange, has made an announcement on January 25 concerning launch of trading of Ripple, EOS and Bitcoin Gold futures. The launch went live from 10:00 CET on January 25, 2018.