Bitcoin Gold: new Bitcoin fork?

A new "golden" cryptocurrency may fork from Bitcoin in October
29 September 2017   1130

Following the events of this summer, which were connected with the appearance of Bitcoin Cash and information about a possible new SegWit2x hardfork, another project with Chinese roots appears. As reported by, the project named "Bitcoin Gold" aims to follow a similar launch plan as Bitcoin Cash, i.e. to split from Bitcoin main chain.

As detailed, the Bitcoin Gold separation from the original Bitcoin chain is scheduled for October 25th. It is believed that the new tokens are to be traded on the exchanges on November 1st. The projct is to be led by Jack Liao, CEO of Hong Kong mining firm LightningASIC.

In particular, the developers hope to open up mining to more participants by replacing Bitcoin's mining algorithm with one that will enable it to be mined with graphics cards. The idea is to make big miners less relevant.

Bitcoin gold will implement a proof-of-work change from bitcoin's SHA256 to Equihash, a memory-hard algorithm that is ASIC-resistant and optimized for GPU mining.

"The Sorrow"
Bitcoin Gold developer

Bitcoin Gold has its own website, however visiting it is unlikely to shed additional light on the project.

The project has already faced some criticism. Thus, Zhao Dong, a cryptocurrency trader and investor argues that "GPU mining can't prevent centralization as GPU are controlled by Nvidia and AMD". 

 Bitcoin price chart on Bitcoin price chart on

What the future has in stock for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold, remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the top cryptocurrency price is about $4173.97, it's market capitalization is $69,257,899,504.

Genesis Conference to be Held in London

Genesis Conference will cover research and development, regulation, economics and applications issues, taking place in London on February 22
22 February 2018   73

Genesis London Conference will take place on February 22, tackling the most pertinent issues in blockchain space: research and development, regulation, economics and applications.

Genesis London is a platform for researchers, developers and generally anyone interested in blockchain, and its priority is to share knowledge, facilitate productive discourse and filter out the hype.

Location: The CityPoint building, 1 Ropemaker St, London, EC2, UK
Date and time: 9:30AM - 8PM, February 22, 2018

The agenda of the conference includes Privacy and Confidentiality Techniques for Blockchains; Permissioned Business Blockchain Applications and Use-cases; Scalable, Transparent and Post-quantum Secure Computational Integrity, with Applications to Cryptocurrencies; A Rational Protocol Design Treatment of Bitcoin, and more.

The headline speakers include Patrick de Laive, co-founder of TNW; Margarita Khartanovich, head of insight at Binary District; Jack Gavigan, chief operating officer at ZCash; Jeremy Kahn, technology writer for Bloomberg, and many more.