Bitcoin Point Swap services closed in South Korea

Two major Korean banks dropped their Bitcoin Point Swap services following the government emergency regulations
27 December 2017   315

A small recap is in order. The South Korean government announced on December 15, 2017 that banks as of then are prohibited from participating in Bitcoin trade. And now it comes back in force. Two of Korean major banks – Shinhan Bank and KB Koomin Bank, which offered credit card points to bitcoin swap services, now discontinue this programm.

To better understand what is happening, one has to know, what the credit card point is. Both banks offer the ability to accumulate their bonus points for performing operations inside their respective bank group with their credit cards. And you can use them for purchases in affiliated stores or, until now, to purchase Bitcoin on Coinplug.

All of this stems from recent ban on banks for performing direct cryptocurrency operations. And this doesn't affect only two aforementioned banks. All of them have to cease direct operations in cryptocurrency market, be it trading or setting up shop for a more convenient user interaction with digital currency world. Most major banks even had to stop issuing virtual bank accounts for cryptocurrency exchanges. And the already-in-place regulations prohibit trading without one.

In September government already forced the shut-down of the country's leading creptocurrency exchange Bitnumb in fear that the service could be used by criminals with counterfeit credit cards.

Bitcoin White to Release iOS and MacOS Wallet

According to the roadmap of Bitcoin White, the wallet for iOS and Mac OS will be released on February 19, 2018
19 February 2018   120

Bitcoin White is a flexible and decentralized application platform designed to lower the threshold for developers. Using JavaScript as the programming language and relational database to store data, Bitcoin White is increasing the similarities between developing a DAPP and a traditional web application.

Bitcoin White team has already developed and released the version of its wallet for Windows, Linux and Android. According to the roadmap of Bitcoin White, the wallet for iOS and Mac OS will be released on February 19, 2018.

 Bitcoin White Roadmap
Bitcoin White Roadmap Fragment

The features of the wallet include asset management, account information, setting an additional password, blocking the account by block, and internal blockchain list of transactions.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Bitcoin White:

Average price: $0,184621
24h volume: $48 806