Bitcoin Private Hardfork to be Implemented

Bitcoin Private will be the first fork, based on the two blockchains simultaneously
28 February 2018   122

On Wednesday, February 28, Bitcoin Private (BTCP) hardfork with the zk-SNARK anonymity protocol will be implemented. It will be based on the bitcoin network and the zero-disclosure proof. 

Bitcoin Private will be the first fork, based on the two blockchains at the same time, and the PoW-algorithm Equihash will allow BTCP to be mined via video cards.

The block size of the network will be 2Mb, and the frequency of generation of new blocks will be 2.5 minutes, while each will contain 12.5 BTCP. The required number of blocks to confirm the new block is 100. At the same time, 10 blocks are needed for the shielding and another 10 for the return return from the shielding, which is due to the peculiarities of the zk-SNARK protocol. It is worth noting that the recalculation of the complexity will be performed after each block found.

BTCP coins will traditionally be distributed in a 1: 1 ratio between bitcoin and ZClassic holders.

It is also worth noting that project has a big team and most of them even have profile photos.

While Bitcoin Private is supported by the multi-currency Coinomi wallet and HitBTC, TradeSatoshi and KuCoin.

Atlanta's computer network infected with Bitcoin ransomware

Hackers breached the governmental computer network in Atlanta to infect with ransomware and demand payment in Bitcoin
23 March 2018   118

Cryptocurrency ransomware of different flavors has been around practically as long as cryptocurrencies themselves. And now the city of Atlanta, US has come under the attack.

The governmental computer system has been infected by the ransomware virus early in Thursday, and this has caused a massive disruption in several departments. In particular the bill payments and court information services has been affected. Later in the morning several city employees found a ransom letter on their computers with demands for $51,000 in Bitcoin.

In the afternoon of the same day officials held a press-conference, but were unable to provide any particular information about the attack since the investigation was just commenced and in the early stages. The question whether or not they were going to pay the ransom were also left unanswered.

Atlanta is one the major economics hubs in the Southern US with several large international companies and the world's busiest airport located in the city. Apparently, the city officials have no qualms about going for all the available help in such a high-resonance case, hence the US Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and even the Secret Service authorities are now on the ground.

Of course, there is little chance of systems being unlocked even if the ransom is paid, the security experts say. So, the city is probably in for a long road to full recovery of its computer facilities. The officials have even started making plans in preparation for long and tedious recovery process.