Bitcoin reached new record: over $3800

First cryptocurrency continues it's rapid rise, now costs more than $3800 on the several exchanges
12 August

On Saturday, August 12, the price of Bitcoin updated a new historic high, surpassing a mark of $3800 on a number of exchanges.

Let's check the most popular exchanges.

  • Bitstamp $3758.98
  • Bitfinex $3754.3
  • Kraken $3819.46 
  • GDAX $3835.00 

Bitcoin rate at GDAXBitcoin rate at GDAX

According to Coinmarketcap, the average Bitcoin price is $3773.44 and the market cap is $62 271 570,944.

Bitcoin charts, last 7 daysBitcoin charts, last 7 days

Another interesting fact - each of top 10 cryptocurrencies have a market over $1 billion.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies
Top 10 cryptocurrencies

Yesterday, Bitcoin beat a $3500 barrier. How long this rapid rise will last? Time will show.

Intel to Apply Blockchain Mining to Genetic Sequencing

Intel intends to utilize the energy expended during cryptocurrency mining for the sequencing of genetic data
15 December

Yesterday the U.S. Patent released a patent application called "Blockchain System with Nucleobase Sequencing as Proof of Work". In the application Intel’s inventors describe a type of computer called a sequence mining platform (SMP) which would identify the order or nucleobases in a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA).

Nucleobases are the molecules that make up DNA and RNA, which contain the genetic information within every living organism on the planet. The order of these bases determines what physical traits a person, plant or animal features.

The patent application states that the SMP would use a nucleobase sequencing unit to actually establish the order of nucleobases in a given sample, which would then be verified by the blockchain before being permanently recorded on it.

The POW algorithm will be used to both identify the sequence and subsequently verify it, according to the application, and the sequence recorded on one block would be used as a base for the POW problems in the next block.