Bitfinex 2018 Net Profit to Reach $404M

It should be noted exchange's staff is less than 100 people
07 May 2019   652

Already known to the community shareholder of Bitfinex Zhao Dong again shared exclusive information about the exchange. Thus, according to him, the net profit of the trading floor in 2018 was $ 404 million, and shareholders received dividends totaling $ 261 million, reports 8btc with reference to correspondence in the Chinese messenger WeChat.

Bitfinex' 2018\2019 Profit
Bitfinex' 2018\2019 Profit 

Note that the staff of the exchange doesn't exceed 90 people. This fact was very impressed by the head of the Huobi exchange Leon Li.

(less than) 100 employees earn $326 million! Can’t calm down (from these outsatanding figures), I’ve found a new goal.

Leon Li

Head, Huobi

Bitfinex net profit in 2017 amounted to $ 326 million; shareholders then received payments totaling $ 246 million.

At the moment, according to Zhao Dong, Bitfinex is already conducting a closed stage of IEO of LEO tokens, during which it intends to raise $ 1 billion in USDT to solve all the problems associated with freezing the company's funds worth $ 850 million in accounts of Panamanian Crypto Capital, located in four countries.

As reported, Dong himself, through the RenRenBit landing platform, is already accepting applications for participation from retail investors.

It is noteworthy that, according to estimates by the Prosecutor General’s Office in New York, Bitfinex has already taken a loan of $ 750 million from the reserves of Tether Limited.

Circle to Move Exchange Operations Offshore

The decision was made due to regulatory uncertainty in the United States and now the majority of users will be served by Bermudas unit
23 July 2019   86

The majority of Poloniex users from outside the US will now be serviced by a new unit of this cryptocurrency exchange, which opens in Bermuda, the platform operator, Circle, said on Monday, July 22.

The company said the decision was made due to regulatory uncertainty in the United States. The work of already existing divisions of companies in the United States themselves, as well as in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, will continue.

Representatives of Circle note the advanced and extremely clear legislation in Bermuda, which opens up opportunities for the rapid development of innovations in the field of cryptocurrencies, and for business promotion.

It is based on the Digital Asset Business Act (DABA), adopted in 2018, which provides full control and supervision of financial services related to cryptocurrencies, including the issuance of digital assets, the purchase and sale of coins, exchange transactions, and custodial services.

According to the aforementioned company law to operate in Bermuda, it is necessary to obtain a license, and as Circle reports, today it has become the first large cryptocurrency company in the world to obtain such a Class F (full) license.

As a result, we’ll be able to deliver new innovations, including asset listings and trading services, to global customers while also staying true to our commitment to compliant, well-supervised operations and customer protections.

Circle Team

In the commentary, CoinDesk Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said that over 70% of Poloniex’s entire customer base accounted for overseas users.

Europe and Asia are both pretty significant markets for us in particular. USDC stablecoin is particularly popular with institutional Asian investors. The lack of regulatory frameworks significantly limits what can be offered to individuals and businesses in the U.S.

Jeremy Allaire

CEO, Circle

It was precisely the lack of clear regulation that forced Circle to dismiss about 30 employees in May, and as Jeremy Allair has now stated, the company plans to hire approximately the same number of new people over the next two years, who, however, will get other roles.

The project to establish a new international operations hub for our market, exchange and wallet services, was a major project. It took a long time working with the Bermuda government and the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

Jeremy Allaire

CEO, Circle

The head of Circle also said that a greater variety of assets will become available to international clients of Poloniex, and the exchange can expand the range of financial services that it cannot offer in the United States.

What kind of products and services in question, Allair did not specify, adding only that users can expect more opportunities for revenue. At the same time, he mentioned the existing stacking services for Cosmos and Stellar.