Bitfinex Added 6 New Tokens

The addition of tokens will contribute to the strengthening of the long-term development of the Ethereum ecosystem
09 January 2018   1242

Bitfinex announced on January 9 the addition of Basic Attention token (BAT), 0x token (ZRX), FunFair token (FUN), Decentraland token (MANA), SpankChain token (SPANK) and Time New Bank token (TNB) which is tradable against BTC, ETH and USD.

According to the announcement, the addition of these tokens will contribute to the strengthening of the long-term development of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Bitfinex added that margin trading for all pairs will be enabled gradually as and when the order book develops sufficient liquidity. All ERC20 trading pairs will eventually be migrated to trade only on Ethfinex.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT, an ERC20 token built on top of Ethereum, is considered to be a token of utility in a new, decentralized, open source and efficient blockchain-based digital advertising platform.

  • Average price: $0,907663
  • Marketcap: $907 663 000
  • 24h volume: $94 252 500

0x token (ZRX)

0x is an open, permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Average price: $2,28  
  • Marketcap: $1 105 593 813
  • 24h volume: $171 985 000

FunFair token (FUN)

The FunFair Technology Platform is a project which is building a game-changing B2B platform using blockchain technology to bring transparency, efficiency and access to new markets to the casino sector.

  • Average price: $0,187281
  • Marketcap: $795 920 582
  • 24h volume: $133 679 000

Decentraland token (MANA)

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain, where users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications.

  • Average price: $0,272962  
  • Marketcap: $280 930 008
  • 24h volume: $98 578 500

SpankChain token (SPANK)

SpankChain is a cryptoeconomic powered adult entertainment ecosystem built on the Ethereum network.

  • Average price: $0,513756
  • Marketcap: $154 149 090
  • 24h volume: $11 698 200

Time New Bank token (TNB)

Time new bank (TNB), is a cryptographic digital currency issued by M.I.T, which refers to the decentralized time commodity value transmission platform based on Grid blockchain technology.

  • Average price: $0,284736
  • Marketcap: $464 012 142
  • 24h volume: $141 597 000

iPayment to cooperate with Aliant Payment Systems

iPayment, Inc., a payment provider for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced a partnership with Aliant Payment Systems
23 May 2018   71

This new partnership will allow iPayment to facilitate digital currency acceptance for merchants and their channel partners. 

Our goal at Aliant is to be one of the first adopters and facilitators of cryptocurrency in the traditional payments space. Partnering with an established, quality organization like iPayment helps us achieve that goal. We are looking forward to mutually moving into a new territory of block chain and cryptocurrency and providing our shared clients with an alternative form of accepting and processing secure, cost-effective payment transactions.
Eric Brown
Founder, CEO, Aliant Payment Systems, Inc.

Aliant Payment’s Crypto Processing Gateway provides merchants with the possibility  to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin, in both digital and card-present environments.

The payments landscape is always changing. iPayment is continually pursuing partnerships with organizations that not only anticipate these changes, but develop innovative solutions to address them – and that is exactly what Aliant has done. We’re looking forward to cultivating this partnership and introducing crypto payment acceptance to our channel partners and adding it to our overall product offering.
Denise Tahali
Senior Vice President, Partner Sales, iPayment, Inc. 

From this new product innovation, iPayment is aimed on small business enablement and delivering efficient services and resolves for business developments. Aliant also lets e-commerce and mobile vendors worldwide to adopt different payment forms, and it provides a complete line of credit card machines, ATMs and payment technology. 

With the help of this collaboration, iPayment can now supply Aliant’s Crypto Processing Gateway to partners and merchants who wish to accept these forms of digital payments.