Bitfinex to Deny Drug Money Laundering Claims

Exchange conducted an "internal investigation of its international organization" and found no drug money laundering relations
11 April 2018   1470

Bitfinex said that it conducted an "internal investigation of its international organization", during which it established that the site is not involved in the money laundering cases of Colombian drug cartels, which were previously reported in Poland. This is reported by CoinDesk.

As representatives of Bitfinex told the publication, no connection was found between the work of the exchange and the two shell companies accused of deceiving the Belgian government and laundering money from Colombia.

Representatives of the exchange said that "based on all available evidence and information, [it] has concluded that these allegations are untrue and unfounded"

Among the claims under dispute, Bitfinex has not been party to any official investigation launched in any jurisdiction globally on the basis of the allegations reported in the Polish media. This signals that the relevant authorities have found no reason to act upon the claims made against the Bitfinex platform.

Bitfinex Team

In addition, the platform stated that none of the users experienced any problems accessing their accounts or funds because of potential law enforcement actions.

For the first time the corresponding rumors appeared at the beginning of the week, when a number of media reported that officers of the Polish police confiscated the property of two front companies. The organizations were accused of "deceiving the Belgian government" and "working with a large online currency exchange". At the same time, the name of the site was not reported. As a result, local and international news agencies linked Bitfinex to these companies.

Earlier, the site also denied rumors that it allegedly owned by her € 400 million were seized in a little-known Polish bank.

Then the exchange was forced to react to the reports that appeared that the police had seized the account in the Polish bank Cooperative Bank, which is allegedly connected with Bitfinex. Initially, these statements appeared on Polish forums, and in the English-language press the news with the note "unconfirmed" was published by Trustnodes.

It was assumed that this account was seen in the international scheme for money laundering of Colombian drug cartels. As one user reported, the Polish police contacted him after he tried to withdraw money from Bitfinex through Crypto SP Z.O.O.

Representatives of Bitfinex reacted to these messages via Reddit, saying that these allegations are not true. Also, the exchange promised to make a separate statement on this issue in the future.

Tether to Perform Large USDT Swap

Omni based USDT worth over $100 000 000 will be moved to ERC-20
06 August 2019   135

Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex and Tether, announced the transfer of part of the USDT offer from Omni protocol to ERC-20.

Tether is working with an exchange to perform a swap from Omni to ERC20 of part of its USDt cold wallet.

Paolo Ardoino

CTO, Bitfinex and Tether

On the Tether website, you can see the amount of USDT on the basis of various blockchains.

USDT Transparency
USDT Transparency

So far, USDT stablecoins based on Omni prevail in circulation - 2.82 billion, while the supply of stablecoins of the ERC-20 standard has already reached 1.45 billion. 107 million USDT were issued on the Tron blockchain, 251 million on EOS, and while only 61,000 stablecoins "live" in the Liquid Network.