Bitfinex listed Qtum and Aventus

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange listed two new coins
11 October 2017   2574

One of the most popular crypto exchange Bitfinex announced the addition of two new coins: Qtum and Aventus (AVT). Cryptocurrencies are traded in pairs to USD, BTC and ETH. Also exchange plans to activate margin trading for them in nearest future.

The Qtum project is working on the same public blockchain that integrates the bitcoin transactional model with the developed Ethereum consensus system, and hopes to find its niche among application developers who, in ordinary scenarios, have difficulties with one or both systems.

Qtum uses the Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) model, which provides transaction integrity and token tracking. At the same time, a virtual machine for smart contracts is located on top of the Qtum blockbuster, which, according to the representatives of the project, gives developers the best architecture for creating decentralized mobile applications and other blocking solutions.

At the moment of press, Qtum in on the 14th place in cryptocoins list. Average price is $12.21 with market cap over $720M. 

Qtum price chart
Qtum price chart

Technological start-up Aventus offers event organizers solutions based on blockchain technology. Previously, the Aventus Protocol Foundation attracted $ 20 million through a public token, while the campaign itself took only seven minutes. 

Aventus price chart
Aventus price chart

Aventus is on the 151st place in Coinmarketcap rate. Marketcap is almost $20M and price is $3.23. Coin gained almost 30% in last 7 days.

Bitfinex to Issue Options & Gold-Backed Stablecoin

At the moment, Bitfinex is working with external market makers to ensure the liquidity of the upcoming derivatives
13 November 2019   111

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange intends to offer options in the first quarter of 2020. Soon they will add perpetual swaps and futures for asset baskets, said Paolo Ardoino, technical director of Bitfinex and Tether, in an interview with The Block.

He also said the company plans to release the Tether Gold stablecoin, backed by gold. Ardoino did not disclose details.

According to him, the development of derivatives took several months. Now the exchange, in anticipation of the launch of options, is working with external market makers to ensure liquidity.

It's important that people can see the farther value of having cryptocurrencies rather than just trading back and forth between Bitcoin and USD or whatever.

Paolo Ardoino

CTO, Bitfinex and Tether

Ardoino said that Bitfinex will open up the possibility for customers to buy goods for cryptocurrencies using gift cards. To ensure their release, the company plans to work with a "big and well-known partner".