Bitfinex Listed Tokenised Dollar and Euro

USDT and EURT are created by the Tether and based on ERC20
23 January 2018   1375

The Bitfinex exchange has made it possible to input and output tokenized dollars and euros based on the Ethereum-standard ERC20.

New tokens from Tether appeared on the Ethfinex, which is a division of the popular Hong Kong exchange.

Representatives of Tether claim that from Omni-based tokens new digital assets of the ERC20 standard favorably differ by smaller commissions for transactions and higher confirmation rate.

Bitfinex to Get Stolen BTC Back

As reported, Bitfinex will convert received crypto into US dollars and transfers them to RRT tokens holders
25 February 2019   190

The US authorities returned the Bitfinex 27.66 BTC cryptocurrency exchange, which was stolen as a result of a hacker attack in August 2016. These funds were in law enforcement since November 2018. This is stated in the official message of the site.

Over two years following the hack of the Bitfinex platform, today we see the results of a clear and robust response strategy and the efforts of the U.S. government. It gives us great pleasure to be able to reimburse our traders that were loyal to us and believed in us at a very difficult time. We would like to thank U.S. federal law enforcement agencies for their ongoing efforts to investigate the security breach and their commitment to seizing and returning stolen assets.

Giancarlo Devasini

Chief Financial Officer, Bitfinex

Bitfinex will convert received crypto into US dollars and transfers them to RRT tokens holders. The site opened up the possibility of converting BFX debt tokens into this asset after full repayment of debts on them in April 2017.