Bitfinex to Relaunch IEO Platform

New platform, called Bitfinex Token Sales, will focus on the long-term prospects of projects, and not on the short-term results of tokensales
25 September 2019   199

The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has restarted an IEO platform with an updated structure and technology called Bitfinex Token Sales. The previous iteration of the Tokinex site ceased operation after Ethfinex's separation from the exchange, The Block reports.

According to Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino, the company has changed its approach and technology for conducting IEO as a result of monitoring the exchange of tokens on other platforms. Bitfinex Token Sales will focus on the long-term prospects of projects, and not on the short-term results of tokensales, Ardoino said.

Holders of a certain number of UNUS SED LEO coins will receive additional opportunities in future sales of tokens on the site, the company said in a blog.

The platform is denied access to residents of several jurisdictions, including the United States.

The first Bitfinex Token Sales project will be the sale of the K! M tokens of the digital content monetization platform created by Kim Dotcom. The dates for IEO K! M have not yet been announced. Bitfinex is confident that the token is not a security and its sale for digital currencies complies with all the rules.

Nasdaq to Launch Index, Based on 100 Crypto Assets

Neural network, considering 200 different factors, helped to create the list of the assets tracked by the CIX100 index
16 October 2019   84

Nasdaq, the world's second largest stock exchange, has added the CIX100 index based on 100 crypto assets, reports CoinTelegraph.

When building a basket of hundreds of leading digital assets, the tool from uses neural network algorithms that take into account more than 200 different factors. Such a comprehensive analysis allows, in particular, to exclude coins with fake volumes.

It is also known that the index draws data on transactions on the nine largest bitcoin exchanges, and also analyzes information from social networks and the media. Only those coins that last in the top 200 for at least three months can become components of the CIX100. The composition of the index will be reviewed monthly.

According to the developers, the index will be useful for both newcomers to the industry and professionals.