Bitfinex is under DDoS-attack

The leader of cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex reported about attack in Twitter
04 December 2017   1521

On December 4, one of the largest exchanges the Bitfinex was under the DDoS-attack again. This was reported in a its official Twitter account. Also there it is indicated that they are working on the problem to restore users access to the site.

Originally it was published a message that the site is under very high load. After about half an hour they reported that the attack was over, and the stock exchange came back to normal.

It is noteworthy that earlier, on November 26, Bitfinex had already undergone such type of attack. Other exchanges are also regularly subjected to DDoS-attacks.

Bitfinex to List RSK Infrastructure Framework Token

RSK team from Argentina is developing an open source platform for smart contracts
16 January 2019   132

Bitfinex has added support for the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) token.

Argentine startup RSK is developing an open source platform for smart contracts with two-way binding to bitcoin. Last fall, a startup went under the control of RIF Labs, a company focused on creating a digital infrastructure for digital identification, economic coordination and calculations called RIF OS.

The exchange's blog says that the RIF token created on the RSK platform makes it possible to use services based on the RIF OS infrastructure.

Trading in new assets is possible in Bitcoin and US dollar pairs. Margin trading is not yet available.