Bitfinex Won't List El Petro

According to Bitfinex, El Petro not only has limited use, but could have been created to circumvent sanctions against the Venezuelan government
27 March 2018   1560

One of the largest bitcoin-exchanges, Bitfinex, issued a statement that El Petro listing is not planned.

According to the report, El Petro (PTR) not only has limited use, but could be created to circumvent sanctions against the Venezuelan government.

The exchange also reminds that on March 19, the US banned any transactions with digital currencies, digital coins and digital tokens issued directly by the government of Venezuela or on its behalf. This prohibition includes PTR, but may also apply to other tokens that may appear in the future.

We have never had plans to include the PTR or similar tokens in the Bitfinex trading platform. In light of the U.S. sanctions and the other clear sanctions risks of dealing in these products, Bitfinex will not list or transact the PTR or other similar digital tokens. This restriction extends to all customers of the platform, including U.S. persons, and to all activities on Bitfinex, including deposits, financing, trading, and withdrawals.

Bitfinex Blog

The exchange also explained that these restrictions apply to all users of the platform, including US residents. In addition, all Bitfinex employees are also prohibited from any transactions with El Petro and other similar digital tokens.

Tether to Perform Large USDT Swap

Omni based USDT worth over $100 000 000 will be moved to ERC-20
06 August 2019   162

Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex and Tether, announced the transfer of part of the USDT offer from Omni protocol to ERC-20.

Tether is working with an exchange to perform a swap from Omni to ERC20 of part of its USDt cold wallet.

Paolo Ardoino

CTO, Bitfinex and Tether

On the Tether website, you can see the amount of USDT on the basis of various blockchains.

USDT Transparency
USDT Transparency

So far, USDT stablecoins based on Omni prevail in circulation - 2.82 billion, while the supply of stablecoins of the ERC-20 standard has already reached 1.45 billion. 107 million USDT were issued on the Tron blockchain, 251 million on EOS, and while only 61,000 stablecoins "live" in the Liquid Network.