Bithumb to Launch Security-Token Exchange in USA

It is expected that the new platform will be launched in the first half of 2019
01 November 2018   559

The South Korean bitcoin exchange Bithumb in partnership with the American fintech company seriesOne will launch a platform in the US for trading security tokens. This is reported by Coindesk.

In addition to the rights to purchase goods and services, security tokens often allow their holders to receive dividends, like ordinary securities.

It is expected that the new exchange will be launched in the first half of 2019. Under the agreement, Bithumb will provide investments and the necessary technical support.

I believe that our companies will be able to create a unique product to not only tokenize major assets, but that could also create liquidity through a compliant token exchange. 

Michael Mildenberger

CEO, seriesOne

SeriesOne was founded in 2013 and is authorized by the United States Stock Exchanges and Securities Commission (SEC) to conduct crowdfunding campaigns.

Korean Exchange to be Reponsible For Hacks

Fair Trade Commission of South Korea had sent "recommendation" to Bithumb & 4 other exchange and they made approriate changes
17 June 2019   232

Five cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea were forced to make changes to the rules of service provision to reflect their own responsibility for problems that could be caused by cyber attacks or the improper functioning of the systems. This is reported by the local edition of Yonhap with reference to the Fair Trade Commission of South Korea.

It is noteworthy that the exchanges will have to answer for the possible consequences of the incident, even if it is established that its occurrence did not result from their negligent attitude.

According to the regulator, Bithumb and four more trading platforms made these changes based on recommendations received from it last year's April. Earlier, cryptocurrency exchanges declared that they would not be liable until their guilt was proved.

Bithumb has been hacked twice in the past year. Last June, the company lost approximately $ 31 million in cryptocurrency, and this March - another $ 20 million. Despite the rules in force at that time, which provided for the possibility of disclaimers, in 2018 the exchange agreed to take the users' losses on themselves.

In April, it became known that South Korean lawmakers could review their approach to regulating the cryptocurrency industry in order to provide it with the necessary support.