Bitlum launched Lightning Network exchange alpha version

According to the developers, ZigZag will provide 10-second operations for the exchange of assets without the need to register
12 January 2018   435

The developers of Bitlum reported the launch of the alpha version of ZigZag, a crypto exchange based on the Lightning Network protocol. As the project team promises, ZigZag will provide 10-second operations for the exchange of assets without the need for registration, while the use of payment channels will avoid high transaction fees.

The vision of the company is to provide a gradual transition from the model of centralized exchanges to decentralized solutions. This model is designed to meet the growing demand and solve user problems, which often face problems when exchanging crypto assets.

Bitlum plans to split its strategy into several stages. At the first stage, the team will focus on solving the problems of high commissions and long time confirmation of transactions. Also work will be done to integrate LN-purses, increase the user base of nodes, increase security and overall stability of the service.

At this stage, the company notes, users will have to trust it as a third party when transferring funds to recipient addresses. Bitlum intends to eliminate this mediation as soon as atomic exchanges between assets are available.

The second phase of the platform development assumes that ZigZag will become a full-fledged provider of payment channels of the Lightning Network. Also at this stage, it is expected to develop internal tools for managing funds in the payment channels.

In addition, ZigZag will offer external investors the opportunity to earn money by depositing their funds in payment channels and partially solving the problem of the bandwidth of the channels.

At the third stage, the Bitlum team expects that a sufficient number of payment channels and tools to connect to the platform to manage these channels will allow it to concentrate on experiments with atomic swaps and eliminate the need to act as a third-party trust.

Bitcoin Ethereum Crypto Summit comes to Texas

Richardson is hosting a 1-day conference - Bitcoin Ethereum Crypto Summit on May 12 to teach the basics and catch up with the the latest in the cryptoworld
20 April 2018   29

Leading cryptocurrency and blockchain experts are coming to Richardson to participate in Bitcoin Ethereum Crypto Summit 2018. This one day event will take place on May 12 at Noah's Event Center. BECS positions itself as an affordable crypto event providing the quickest way to experience and learn about cryptocurrency live and in person, learn the terminology, the concept, and the hands on information with no experience required, and the public is invited to take part and attend.

Here is the list of some of the topics and sessions that will be covered:

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency 101 – All the basics you need to get started
  • Government Regulation of Cryptocurrencies
  • Meet the Altcoins – Fast-paced review of over 20 of the top alternative cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, Stellar, Stratis, Monero, Dash, and many more
  • Cryptocurrency and Taxes
  • Overview of Cryptocurrency Exchanges such as Coinbase, Poloniex, and more
  • Cold Wallets, Hot Wallets, Paper Wallets, and more – The main types, how to use them, and keep your crypto safe!
  • How To Spend and Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Cryptocurrencies
  • The Basics of Blockchain and Internet of Money
  • Trading Bots and Trading Software
  • User Experience and the Blockchain
  • Mining 101 – What is it, how does it work, and should you start mining on your own?
  • How To Start Your Own Token or Coin
  • Understanding Coin Price Indexes

Doors open at 8:30 am.