Bitmain Plans to Build Mining Farms in Quebec

Chinese giant of the mining industry has already started negotiations with local energy departments
15 January 2018   338

The world's largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain, is considering opening a mining center in the Canadian province of Quebec, CoinDesk reports.

Chinese giant of the mining industry has already begun negotiations with local energy departments. Representatives of Bitmain reported that the company has been engaged in the production of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies in North America since 2015, but did not specify the specific region.

Quebec is indeed an attractive region for the opening of mining farms for the production of bitcoin. The province has surpluses of inexpensive hydroelectric power, which local authorities are ready to offer technology companies. In addition, the cold climate contributes to the productive and reliable operation of ASIC-miners.

According to the director of business development of Hydro Quebec, "three or four" world's largest mining companies are considering Quebec as a new region for mining farms. 

Bitmain to Release Zcash Miner Antminer Z9 Mini

Zooko Wilcox, CEO of Zcash, isn't very happy with new device
04 May 2018   224

Leading manufacturer of equipment for cryptocurrency mining Bitmain introduced the Antminer Z9 mini device. It mines the Equihash algorithm coins.

Antminer Z9 Mini
Antminer Z9 Mini

Each of the buyers will be able to purchase no more than one device. The company believes that such an approach will allow selling devices to a large number of miners around the world.

The company's website says that the beginning of the delivery of the new device is expected in the last decade of June. The device's hashrate is 10k Sol / s with a power consumption of only 300W. The price of the Antminer Z9 listed on the Bitmain website is 1999 USD.

Creators of Zcash isn't very happy with new device.

That is absolutely never what I had intended to commit to, because (a) I always thought that it would probably become impossible long-term, and (b) I always believed that there was a fundamental trade-off between widespread distribution of the coins on one hand, and miners having a large sunk-cost investment into the coin on the other hand, and that the latter might eventually prove to be valuable for attack-resistance and network stability.

Zooko Wilcox

CEO, Zcash

In his opinion, this "compromise" was supposed to counteract centralization, as well as promote stable operation of the network.