Bitmain's Hashpower to Fall Significantly

Now the community don't need to fear possible 51% attack at Bitcoin network again
04 February 2019   799

The share of the Bitmain-controlled mining pools of and Antpool in the total bitcoin hash rate is about 29%.

According to analysts of The Block, in the first half of last year, the total hashrate of these two pools was 42%. If we take into account the pool ViaBTC, the main investor of which is Bitmain, then a year ago the Chinese giant could control at least 50% of the hashrate. This, in turn, caused fears in the crypto community about a possible “51% attack” on the Bitcoin network.

Now this threat is not as relevant as before, because Bitmain has actually lost the status of a mining monopolist. In confirmation of this, The Block provides a graph in which there is an obvious decline in the influence of Bitmain-controlled pools:

The share of hash-sites in Bitmain-controlled pools is now at the level of mid-2017
The share of hash-sites in Bitmain-controlled pools is now at the level of mid-2017

Obviously, the Chinese mining giant is going through hard times. It was previously reported that Bitmain suspended operations in Texas and is closing its office in Amsterdam. The company also undergoes a major reorganization, accompanied by a reduction in staff.

New Antminer S9SE to be Sold Out in Few Hours

Price of updated device is is $ 351, hashrate - 16 TH\s and power efficiencey is 80 J\TH
19 June 2019   78

The Chinese manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain introduced a budget device for Bitcoin mining Antminer S9SE. New ASIC miners were sold out in few hours.

Antminer S9SE is more efficient than previous models of this line. It's hashrate is 16 TH/s and power efficiency is 80 J/TH. For example, for S9k, the hash rate is 13.5TH/s, for S9j - 14.5TH/s.

The company's website indicates that the price of the updated S9 is $ 351. The first batch was presented yesterday, June 18, but in a matter of hours sold out. The next delivery of devices is scheduled for July 21-31.

In early April, Bitmain introduced the high-performance Antminer 17 Series based on 7-nm chips.