BitMEX to Liquidate $131.4M Worth Shorts

Additionally, BitMEX insurance fund continues to grow. It currently stores 26,667.5886 BTC or about $ 234 million
27 May 2019   170

During yesterday's rapid growth of Bitcoin on the BitMEX derivatives exchange, in just a few hours, short positions of $ 131.4 million were eliminated, Chepicap reports.

So, against the background of a jump to marks near $ 9000, almost 40 million short positions and only 287 thousand long positions were placed on BitMEX:

Bitmex Liquidations | 27.05.2019
Bitmex Liquidations | 27.05.2019

However, at the moment, longs prevail over shorts - 1 million long and 58 thousand short positions. As reported, currently Long liquidations dominate with $1.9 million in liquidations over the past 6 hours.

BitMEX Insurance Fund
BitMEX Insurance Fund

The BitMEX insurance fund continues to grow. It currently stores 26,667.5886 BTC or about $ 234 million.

Coinone to Join RippleNet

Coinone and Ripple cooperation started in May 2018, and now exchange believes it will help to create wide range of blockchain based financial services
18 June 2019   171

The Korean exchange Coinone, a member of the Big Four of Asian cryptocurrency exchange platforms, has joined the RippleNet network, AMBcrypto reports. Through participation in RippleNet, Coinone will be able to use Ripple's xCurrent solution to provide interbank services to its customers.

Coinone CEO Shin Won Hee, in a conversation with local media, said that his company would rely on cooperation with SBI Ripple Asia in creating a wide range of financial services based on blockchain technology.

According to the media, Coinone was the first exchange in South Korea, which joined RippleNet. As part of the cooperation with SBI Ripple Asia, Coinone intends to “organize overseas remittance events for 3,000 new subscribers to the block chain overseas remittance service.”

Coinone and Ripple started working together in May 2018, when the company integrated xCurrent solution into its own payment service called Cross. According to updated data, customers of the exchange can send transfers to eight Asian countries through the system, taking advantage of reduced commissions.

Earlier this month, Siam Commercial Bank, the largest commercial bank in Thailand, said it would use XRP cryptocurrency in its operations, but later, for unknown reasons, refused this statement.