Bitpay announces payments through Bitcoin Cash

Bitpay will add support for multiple chains, starting with Bitcoin Cash
18 December 2017   1057

Bitpay is a service provider for processing payments and invoices through blockchain. Currently, the only available cryptocurrency to do that is Bitcoin, but the company announced the addition of Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Customers will have the option to use not only Bitcoin for their purchases but also Bitcoin Cash and, coming soon, other types of cryptocurrency.

On their website, the Bitpay says that from now on they will be notifying users way in advance about the addition of new blockchains to the payment system, so the businesses will be able to opt out of enforcing some fixed payment method and customers will be able to use less-congested chains to transfer funds faster. If, however, the users want to rely on single chain to stay safe from possible price swings, than they will be able arrange to fix their transactions to a single cryptocurrency.

Also, the Bitpay team announced that the adoption of new blockchains will depend on key usability factors, such as the network hashing power, security, usefulness in payments and market value.  

Avnet to Accept Bitcoin

Avnet is US company from Fortune 500 list; it used BitPay to create this opportunity
20 March 2019   346

The technology provider Avnet, on the Fortune 500 list, announced support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment options. The company from Phoenix, Arizona realized this opportunity with the support of BitPay processing service.

We’re working with BitPay to facilitate secure blockchain payments for all types of customers so they can focus on developing their products, not how to pay for them. Whether it’s Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, we can handle it.

Sunny Trinh

Vice president of demand creation, Avnet

The company’s statement also says that it cooperates with the portal regarding “creating a new hardware wallet suitable for storing cryptocurrencies and providing the highest level of transaction security.”

In January of this year, the non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation, managing the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, entered into a partnership with BitPay to receive donations in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.