BitShares block production incident

An incident occurred on the BitShares network and caused an unplanned interruption of block production
10 July 2017   3826

Is a software company working on financial solutions built on a blockchain, such as decentralized asset exchanges, banking, project funding

On Monday, July 10th, a software company BitShares faced an incident occurred on the BitShares network that caused an unplanned interruption of block production.

As the company reports in the official announcement, all block producers have been affected by a memory corruption that was caused by an automatic resize of a flat_index container that resulted in an unrecoverable stale state. This has happened for the first time in over two years of blockchain operations.


Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

Luckily, after several core developers debugging the code, the cause was identified and a patch was quickly delivered to the block producers. Shortly after that, the blockchain recovered and new blocks have been generated. All transaction that made it into the blockchain prior to this incident were unaltered.

The team argues that it is absolutely necessary that everyone is aware that the nature of the patch requires all nodes to apply the patch, accordingly, in order to sync back with the blockchain. The exchanges and third party providers are to update their back-end to tag 2.0.170710 and rebuild. The following steps facilitate this update:

git fetch
git checkout 2.0.170710
git submodule update --init --recursive

As it turned out after further investigation, the root cause was an inappropriate implementation of flat_index::remove that only zeroed an entry instead of removing the whole element from the container, BitShares team detailed. What happens is that a new bitasset has been proposed but the proposal wasn’t fully approved. The bitasset data was created in the database and then zeroed instead of being removed after expiration of the proposal. This is the first time in the history of the chain when flat_index::remove was called.

The conclusion is that flat_index is not made for having items removed. Proposals can always lead to items being removed, which means that flat_index is not suitable for the job and should be replaced in all places. 

$15.3M Worth Building to be Sold For BTC

House with a total area of ​​1059 sq.m. is located in the most fancy part of Manhattan's Upper East Side
11 November 2019   57

Ben Shaoul, an American real estate tycoon, sold a $ 15.3 million apartment building in Manhattan, but instead of the traditional currency, the deal was made in bitcoins. This is reported by the Cointelegraph.

House with a total area of ​​1059 sq.m. is located in the most respectable part of Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Ben Shaoul, who holds the position of president of Magnum Real Estate Group, declined to comment, but a source familiar with the details of the deal said the buyer was Affluent International LCC, a Taiwan-based company.

In addition, Eric Hedwat, a broker at Jet Real Estate, which represented the interests of Magnum Real Estate Group, described the transaction as an “exceptionally smooth process.”

Another object owned by Ben Shaoul was previously offered for sale with a payment option in bitcoins, but was eventually sold for $ 82 million in hard currency.

It is also reported that, in addition to the Magnum Real Estate Group, another company from New York accepts cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. The $ 29 million facility is also located on the Upper East Side.