BitShares Hard Fork Info Disclosed

BitShares team issued a proposal to launch the core release, referred to as the "hard fork" annually twice
21 March 2018   3181

BitShares is the smart contract platform with built-in support for recurring payments and subscription payments. BitShares core team has recently issued the budget worker proposal for 2018, revealing the information about its future development plans.

The development cycles include:

  • Feature Release (non-hard fork): three-week sprints
  • Core Release (Hard Fork): twice annually, first Thursday of June and December

That means that the most proximate hard fork of BitShares cryptocurrency will go live on June 7, 2018. The Feature Release will span approximately three weeks from planning through tested and delivered software, called a sprint. Eventually, the release will be tagged within the bitshares-core GitHub repo along with release notes, and the following day the next sprint cycle will be began by the team.

It looks like BitShares team is working hard to improve all services delivered to the community, and we are looking forward to receiving more info regarding the upcoming hard fork of the coin. At the moment of press, these are the main market parameters of BitShares:

Average price: $0,166191
Marketcap: $433 996 163
24h volume: $10 214 500

Bitspark to Issue Hong Kong Dollad Based Stablecoin

Sparkdex.HKD is backed up by Bitspark reserves in fiat HKD and will be audited regularly
30 January 2019   1272

The payment startup Bitspark has released a steablecoin Sparkdex.HKD tied to a Hong Kong dollar. This is reported by the Fintech Hong Kong.

According to the company, this is the first “stable coin” in the world based on the Hong Kong dollar (HKD).

Until now, US Dollar stablecoins have dominated the market but there are other national currencies in the world, like the Hong Kong Dollar. We are proud to have pioneered this landmark first for both the cryptocurrency and traditional finance industry, and anticipate that this will lead the way for much-needed diversity among other currencies within the stablecoin sector.

George Harrap

Co-Founder and CEO, Bitspark

Sparkdex.HKD is backed up by Bitspark reserves in fiat HKD. The coin will be audited regularly with results published quarterly.

The new stablecoin is already on the listing of decentralized exchanges Sparkdex (a division of Bitspark) and BitShares.