Bitstamp Resolves ETH Withdrawals Issue

On February 22, 2018, Bitstamp has reported that it was experiencing delays with ETH withdrawals and deposits, but the issue was successfully resolved
22 February 2018   366

Bitstamp is a Bitcoin exchange based in Luxembourg, which allows trading between USD currency and bitcoincryptocurrency. It allows USD, EUR, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Bitcoin Cash deposits and withdrawals.

On February 22, 2018, Bitstamp has reported that it was experiencing delays with ETH withdrawals and deposits, and its support team was investigating the issue.

Bitstamp Ethereum ChartsBitstamp Ethereum Charts

In some time the issue with ETH withdrawals and deposits has been fixed, but Bitstamp stated that it will continue to monitor the situation, and thanked its users for patience.

It is not the first time, when cryptocurrency exchanges undergo some issues which leave users unable to operate with their assets. For instance, we have reported that Bitfinex exchange was under DDOS attack several times, and Bittrex has not been able to let users withdraw money for several months.

Bitstamp May be Connected with Nexon

Public filings establish the strong link yet between Bitstamp and Korean gaming firm Nexon
09 July 2018   184

The corporate report of NXC Holding confirms that the giant of the game industry Nexon and one of the oldest bitcoins-exchanges Bitstamp could conclude a partnership. However, it remains unclear whether it is a direct purchase of the trading platform, reports CoinDesk.

Thus, NXC Holding is the sole shareholder of the Belgian investment and consulting company NXMH B.V.B.A., which owns 99% of the Belgian Bitstamp Holdings N.V.

It should be noted that even on April 25 Bitstamp Holdings N.V. made a purchase of Japanese Bitstamp Japan Co., Ltd. Nevertheless, the operator of the exchange is British Bitstamp Limited, and the appointment of the Japanese company is unknown.

Nexon also stressed that the Belgian company is not a trading platform operator.

People want to trust other people within new games, and blockchain technology can help bring that reputation across different sort of games.

Owen Mahoney

CEO, Nexon's U.S.

In January 2017, the Bitstamp exchange has achieved the goals of the investment campaign ahead of schedule, raising € 1.3 million.