Bittrex stopped new user registration

What stands behind registration issues at one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges? Let's figure out
15 December 2017   7055

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges reported about stop of new users registrations.

Users report about issues with deposits.

Before the registration issues, Bittrex reported on issues with Ripple transactions and asked users to be patient.

This news came along with huge Ripple price spikes last few days.

Ripple Price Charts
Ripple Price Charts

As you can see on the chart, Ripple gained almost 50% in las 24h and more than 225% in last week. As we understand, huge price jump always comes with large amount of people, trying to earn some money on it. So, we can assume that big amount of new registration caused some technical issues to Bittrex. 

Bittrex to Remove Maker Fee For Certain Accounts

This update are valid uptil July 3 to those, who showed monthly trading volume above $30k; also, exchange reported on the start of euro support "this summer"
13 June 2019   345

Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange temporarily lowered the maker fee (for placing a limit order) in pairs with the US dollar to zero, and the taker fee (ffor buying / selling the placed order) to 0.15%. These changes will be valid until July 3 for accounts that at least once showed a monthly trading volume above $ 30 thousand.

At the same time, other accounts that do not fall under the initial requirements may also apply for a reduction in fees.

Note that Bittrex launched such a campaign in honor of the announcement of an important event: the addition of support for the fiat euro this summer.

Earlier, Bittrex limited trading to 32 cryptocurrencies for US residen