Bittrex users experience withdrawal issues for months

One of the largest crypto exchanges, Bittrex, has not been able to let users withdraw money for several months already, and the users are complaining about deposits issues too
27 December 2017   901

The users of a major cryptocurrency exchange are continiously complaining about issues connected with maintaining financial operations on Bittrex. Mainly, the concerns are related to the long-lasting withdrawals, which users have to wait for to be conducted for long periods of time, and a huge part of the users does not have their money withdrawal confirmed for months.

Moreover, the users of the exchange are experiencing issues with transactions carried out between Bittrex and other exchanges, facing the problem of the transactions not being displayed in the Bittrex account and lack of replies from Bittrex Support service. users comments towards Bittrex exchange user's comments towards Bittrex exchange issues 

The problems might be connected with the decision of the exchange to turn off new users registration which was made on December 14 for a DB upgrade due to a large spike in new user sign ups.

Although on November 29, Bittrex founder Rami Kawach claimed that the company had conducted an upgrade on the back-end system of Bittrex in order to address the rapid user growth and request load on the trading platform and it has been a month since the upgrade was implemented, the users are still experiencing too many problems with the exchange.

It is also worth noting that Bittrex reported about the new scam and phishing emails asking the users to provide API keys and secret codes. These emails mention Coinigy, but Coinigy company and Bittrex exchange warn the users that they are not any how related to those emails.

Bittrex exchange active marketsBittrex Exchange active markets

Apart from that, we have reported that the users of Binance were facing issues with withdrawals of IOTA, and most of them had not been able to withdraw the money for several weeks after sending the request.

Bittrex is delisting Synergycoin

After a long silence from the developers Bittrex has announced it is delisting Synergycoin active on April 27
19 April 2018   279

Bittrex Support desk has released an announcement stating the removal of BTC-SNRG market on April 27. SNRG is a token of cryptocurrency startup Synergy. The coin initially featured built-in TOR network anonymization, public transaction comments, dual key stealth addresses (a way to hide the receiver of a coin), blockchain notary (a tool for incorporating a PoE into the blockchain) and a long-term blockchain validation (using the SHA256d algorithm).

Judging by the relatively recent posts on the official coin forum (1 and 2) the development halted for an unknown period of time with no communication with the developers team representative. Bittrex was one of the top stakers of the coin, and that fact provided the price stability for some time. Since the situation has not changed since last pump (November, 2017), the coin will be delisted.

At the moment of publication, Synergy market parameters are as follows

  • Average price: $0.559445
  • Market cap: $2,005,214
  • Volume (24H): $17,086