Blockchain 3D Explorer visualizes bitcoin

The software helps to follow up the transactions
24 November 2017   742

It’s really hard to understand the essence of bitcoin even though there are a lot of sources, which are trying to explain what is the blockchain and how it works. An owner can’t touch it but by virtue of new technologies there is an opportunity to look at a 3D model of the blockchain.

Kevin Small from Great Britain, the developer of the Blockchain 3D Explorer, decided to present it to the public during London’s Blockchain Summit, which will be held on November 28. The program is ready to use, although it could be improved.

The Blockchain 3D Explorer can be installed on devices with Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. Users can choose a specific transaction or the program shows the random one. Bitcoin and transaction are presented as red cubes and blue spheres, respectively. They are connected with arrows, which symbolize inputs and outputs. If a user clicks on objects, he goes deeper into the matrix.

The software can help to understand what is the bitcoin and visualize accomplishes transactions.


Binance to Spread Crypto Fiat Wings

The list of upcoming jurisdictions was found by the Block
18 January 2019   62

The Block has gained access to the list of jurisdictions in which the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance intends to launch fiat trading platforms. The latter use technology Binance, but will be separate legal entities.

Alleged Binance New Operation Jurisdictions
Alleged Binance New Operation Jurisdictions

In 2019, the exchange allegedly intends to launch full-scale activities in Malta and in Singapore. At the same time, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Russia, Turkey and Argentina are in the plans.

Note that in October last year, such a platform appeared in Uganda, and just a few days ago - on the island of Jersey.