Blockchain and Token Summit to Take Place in Dubai

The Summit will bring together more than 40 speakers, hold more than 8 networking sessions, concentrating on blockchain and cryptocurrency use cases
02 March 2018   179

Blockchain and Token Summit will take place in Le Meridien, Dubai on March 4 - 5, 2018.

Dubai is looking to completely integrate its government sector using blockchain technology in order to increase efficiency, transparency, and openly transform its economy on its immutable openly accessible public ledger as Dubai’s most important experiments into the fintech realm. 

World Blockchain and Token Summit will bring together a range of local and international speakers to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency use cases, the regulatory environment, technology hurdles and opportunities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged using this technology.

World blockchain and token summit DubaiBlockchain and Token Summit in Dubai

Headline speakers at the Summit will include Dr. Sohail Munir (Director for Smart City Enablement Services at Smart Dubai Government), Robby Schwertner (Blockchain influencer, Crypto blogger), Utpal Nath (President Dubai Chapter, Government Blockchain Association), Koen Lukas Hartog (Program Manager, Dutch Government), Dr. Carlos Domingo (Managing Partner, Spice VC), and many more.

Qvolta is launching its platform

Qvolta announced its platform release date of April 2 that will feature a full-fledged version of a web platform
24 March 2018   40

Qvolta platform has set its release date to April 2. The release is in accordance with the roadmap of the platform and will include a fully functional version of the web platform. The developers team is currently performing various tests and making final amendments to ensure the proper functionality. This desktop client is in alpha stage. A mobile app for secure authorizations is out and it is the native solution for security without intermediaries.

Qvolta is a P2P exchange platform solution that focuses on the capability of trading Bitcoin and Ethereum for fiat currencies and vice versa. And such functionality is provided through local payment methods. Since centralized exchanges become the target of serious scrutiny of regulators, cryptocurrency platforms that allow trading P2P or in fully decentralized fashion are getting more necessary.

As of the moment of the publication, the market parameters of Qvolta are as follows:

Average price: $0.390836

Market cap: $2,712,466

Volume (24h): $6,171