Blockchain to control child trafficking

United Nations partnered with World Identity Network in aim to use blockchain technology in child trafficking prevention
13 November   387

The announcement about partnership of the World Identity Network, the United Nations Office for Project Services and the United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology was made during Humanitarian Blockchain Summit held on November 10 in Fordham University at Lincoln Center in New York.

The partnership is aimed at developing a project which will use blockchain technology in a fight againt trafficking of children which is spreading in the world. The project is a part of a broader effort under the name "Blockchain For Humanity".

Several developing countries are actively looking at more efficient ways to prevent child trafficking. Identification is always at the heart of the solution.

Mariana Dahan

CEO, World Identity Network

United Nations statistics shows that almost half of all children in the world under the age of 5 do not have a birth certificate and a majority of those children live in the poorest countries in the world. These children are so to say "invisible" to governments or development agencies that design and deliver social programs. Those "invisible" children remain at risk of being used for illegal child trafficking.

As it is stated in the release, blockchain technology will be used to store digital identities on a blockchain, providing an opportunity to catch child traffickers easier and to trace and prevent attempts of trafficking. 

In a move to develop the project, the partnered organisations are looking for support from private companies, non-governmental organisations and others that are willing to contribute to help to do away with child trafficking.

Verge to Improve Security via Hard Fork

Verge cryptocurrency will reportedly undergo a hard fork on block 1 824 150 which should resolve stealth transaction issues and enhance privacy features
22 January   2325

Verge has announced that the hard fork of the coin will occur on block 1 824 150. The decision was made because some mining pools were not running the latest codebase, and as a result some stealth transactions did not get confirmed. Verge tried to soft fork, but not enough pools participated. The new hard fork will assure that miners are up to date and process stealth transactions.

Verge tweet regarding hard forkVerge Tweet Regarding Hard Fork

What is more, the hard fork will make sure all transactions will be processed and confirmed even faster, and it will not affect coins in the wallet. After the hard fork, the users will have 6 days to update their wallets to then still have access to their funds. Moreover, balances at any exchanges will not be affected by the hard fork.

Verge latest blocksVerge latest block at the moment of press

As soon as the stealth transaction will be activated with hard fork at block 1 824 150, at the moment of writing the last activated block was 1820480, and the estimated time until the Verge hard fork is 30:31 hours.

Verge Charts january 2018Verge Charts

Currently, the price of Verge is falling down, it decreased 15% within past 24 hours and 30% during past 7 days, having moved the coin to the 26th place in the list of coins ranked by market capitalization.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Verge:

  • Average price: $0,092518
  • Marketcap: $1 341 606 868
  • 24h volume: $83 587 200