Blockchain-driven ad auction AdEx launched beta release

AdEx launched beta release of their smart contract based ad exchange to simplify ad placement for both advertisers and ad slots owners
28 February 2018   4746

Ads placement has long been a huge revenue market for website holders and companies. And now AdEx, a blockchain-based advertising platform, has made selling ad spots a lot easier. While still in beta, the project can already boast intuitive UI for publishers to list their available ad slots and for advertisers to bid on those slots in orderly fashion and to submit their ads.

The platform is an advertising marketplace based on Etherium blockchain and it has already been tested in real-world situation. AdEx has partnered with Ink, a global travel media provider, to sell a million ad spaces on plane boarding passes in the first in the world blockchain-powered auction.

While many developers try to cram the most possible amount of functionality in their projects, AdEx team prefers simple and uncluttered accessible interface over various bells and whistles. The invisible to customer technological side, however, is quite interesting because of the “second generation” smart contracts, which allows bids to be stored off-chain until they are accepted. It allows for a better throughput because the chain has to process only the finished contracts and for a potential great scalability. Also, compatibility with second-layer scaling solutions like Plasma is a nice feature for future expansion, while the security is reinforced by their smart contract architecture.

Wallet support is limited right now, with only Metamask being present, but the devs promise Ledger and Trezor support in coming updates. However, just the option for logging in with third-party wallets is a great security measure, available both for publishers and advertisers alike.

Binance to Partner with Chainalysis for AML

Use of Chainalysis KYT solution will allow to compile with KYC- and AML-norms and also simplify the process of opening bank accounts
18 October 2018   74

The largest exchange by daily trading volume Binance uses software from Chainalysis, called Chainalysis KYT [know your transaction], to monitor real-time transactions and identify transfers related to criminal activity. This is stated in a joint press release.

Cryptocurrency businesses of all sizes face the same core challenge: earning the trust of regulators, financial institutions and users. We expect many to follow Binance's lead to build world-class AML compliance programs to satisfy regulators globally and build trust with major financial institutions.

Jonathan Levin

Co-Founder and COO, Chainalysis

Thus, the use of software from Chainalysis not only guarantee compliance with the KYC- and AML-norms, but also simplify the process of opening bank accounts.

By working with Chainalysis, we are able to continue building a foundational compliance program that enables the next phase of our growth. Our vision is to provide the infrastructure for a blockchain ecosystem and increase the freedom of money globally, while adhering to regulatory mandates in the countries we serve.

Wei Zhou

CFO, Binance

Chainalysis KYT release was held in April.