Blockchain empowers healthcare testing products

A new partnership will mark the first enterprise-level deployment of blockchain for the life sciences
08 March 2018   611

On March 7 a leading healthcare blockchain data company BurstIQ partnered with a provider of personalized testing products and cytometry services FlowMetric Life Sciences. As the first stage of cooperation, BurstIQ will handle data management of FlowMetric blockchain-based platform. With the adoption of blockchain platform clients will be able to acquire personalized testing devices that include enhanced data security, full control over their own testing results, i.e. the usage and sharing of the data.

Blockchain is a game-changer. The BurstIQ platform will allow us to offer a level of service to both our enterprise and individual customers that is truly best in class. In addition, it opens new distribution and partnership channels that allow us to accelerate our growth.


Ren Capocasale

CEO, FlowMetric

Along with a default set of products, there is a space for premium line like chromosomal age tests, toxicity, oxidative stress, inflammation, etc. This full suite will become available on BurstIQ healthcare marketplace and be based on BurstIQ monetization engine - BIQ token.

Upon expansion, the blockchain platform will implement its advanced machine intelligence layer and offer such platform to FlowMetric's customers. Eventually, this flow will create a secure and auditable chain of custody of clients' samples and data.

We're thrilled to partner with FlowMetric. Our partnership with them will create the first cryptocurrency-enabled personalized medicine marketplace for consumers. In addition, we will be able to successfully demonstrate how blockchain solves the institutional data challenges impacting the biopharma sector. It opens the door for an entirely new way of doing business.


Frank Ricotta

CEO, BurstIQ

Australian Company to Issues Crypto Backed Loans

In case of default, financial company named Helio may sell cryptocurrency to cover losses
10 December 2018   89

Helio from Melbourne began issuing loans secured by cryptocurrencies, reports.

The service allows Helio clients to borrow from 1000 Australian dollars ($ 720) on the security of cryptocurrency assets. At the moment, the company accepts Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Ripple.

Helio client crypto assets are stored in a secure wallet, company representatives say. In case of default, the company may sell cryptocurrency to cover losses.

Helio has a credit license (ACL) issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). As stated by the company's founder, John O’Shy, Helio was the first licensed organization in Australia to launch this service. According to him, the country has a developed cryptocurrency market, however, suppliers who want to provide loans secured by digital assets are not enough.

In June, the Japanese corporation Abic Corporation began to issue loans secured with Bitcoin