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Learn how Bloomzed combines all available financial instruments into one solution
16 January 2018   1285

Modern life cannot be imaged without electronic financial instruments. Bank accounts, payment cards, electronic wallets, international transfer systems, phiatic money, cryptocurrencies entered our daily life firmly. Their usage is not always convenient. You should always have a bunch of cards, applications, accounts, moeny of different countries, etc at hand. 

Imagine the application will save you from having to carry all of this stuff daily. You also will not need to look for an ATM, exchange currency.

Financial assistant Bloomzed will solve all abovementioned issues. 

What is Bloomzed?

Mobile wallet Bloomzed is a universal payment instrument. Bloomzed works with all existing financial instruments, such as bank accounts, payment cards, electronic wallets, international transfer systems, fiat money, crypto currencies, etc. Currently, Bloomzed mobile wallet has maximum functionality from all similar services at world market.


The main product of the project is its own mobile application. This is a multifunctional payment tool of the new generation that works with a smartphone and is an electronic wallet that allows you to pay for services, transfer money, bind payment cards and use additional services. The application provides users with ample opportunities in terms of not only electronic payments, but also comprehensive management of personal funds. Thus, mobile service Bloomzed will become a reliable and convenient assistant in daily payment transactions.

Bloomzed is a high-tech software solution that has an open API and consists of a large number of software blocks integrated into a single system that is built to provide easy connection of any technological solution, management of both individual units and the system as a whole. System users are able to customize, disable, update, edit, extend capabilities and other options without stopping and / or slowing down the entire system.

Bloomzed Features

Users will be able to bind bank cards to Bloomzed app in order to use it for payments. The wallet can also be used for bonus and discount cards. The system of money transfers will allow you to instantly transfer funds at any time of the day and anywhere in the world. A virtual center for the exchange of currencies of different countries, tokens, crypto-currencies, electronic monetary units of different systems will be available.

In the "Credits" section loans from bank and credit organizations will be presented. Thanks to the "Investments" section, users will be able to multiply their savings with deposits, crediting of P2P and P2B, сrowdinvesting, сrowdfunding, ICO, ITO, TGE, Internet trading. In the application, a personal accountant will be available to help manage all cash flows, take full financial control and planning.

Users will also be offered additional services. The loyalty system will combine all the cashbacks, discounts and bonuses of the user, which is a very convenient and practical solution. In the section "Insurance" you can buy any type of insurance in just a couple of minutes. Tens of thousands of different products will be presented at the Mobile Store. In the section "Tickets" the most complete version of all existing services that sell tickets will be collected. Also it will be possible to purchase a gift certificate from any of Bloomzed's partners.

For the legal entities, the Internet and mobile acquiring will be available, allowing payment acceptance both in retail outlets and on the Internet. Due to autopayments, you will be able to accept subscription fees or a subscription fee.

Customers will be able to pay for any purchases using a smartphone.

Bloomzed will allow customers to go through the authentication and authorization process in one click with a unique QR code, and the purchase of goods and services will be available in one click at the expense of the generated QR code. The WEB-passport will provide all the necessary information about the client. Chat or messenger will provide unlimited opportunities for interactive communication with the client.

We have managed to develop a better payment ecosystem, opening unlimited opportunities for businesses and individuals. Our Bloomzed service is a universal payment solution that can work with almost any currency thanks to an open API. It is time to improve existing solutions in the field of cryptocurrencies and provide all the broad opportunities of Bloomzed to cryptocurrency universe. 

Elchin Suleimanov

Founder, Bloomzed

It is worthwhile to clarify that despite all the multi-functionality of the Bloomzed site, the interface of the web version and the mobile application will not be overloaded, since the user will be able to configure it for himself, deleting and adding various buttons in the main menu. Individual adjustment will avoid cluttering up the menu and ensure maximum usability for each customer. At the moment, the Bloomzed software environment is fully completed, beta testing is in progress and commercial exploitation of the site begins.

Bloomzed App
Bloomzed App

Bloomzed ICO

BZT, or Bloomzed Token is a membership token, the purchase of which makes its buyer a member of the Bloomzed Crypto Club and grants the right to receive all relevant bonuses and privileges, the volume of which is determined by the number of BZTs for the particular token owner.

In total, Token Generaion Event sells 50,000,000 BZT, of which 5,000,000 BZTs are issued specifically for the first round, which runs from December 19 to 26, 2017, and the remaining 45,000,000 BZT will be available during the second round, which will last from January 17 to February 17, 2018.

Cost of the token: 1 BZT = 0002 ETH. The minimum number of tokens for purchase is set at 250 BZT, which is equivalent to a sum of 0.5 ETH. Until the end of the first round of TGE, i.e. until December 26, 2017, there is a maximum bonus of 50%. And already within the second round of TGE bonuses will be reduced, and will depend on the day of the purchase of the token (from the first to the seventh day the bonus size will decrease from 25% to 5% in the last two days). Further bonuses will be charged only for the number of tokens being purchased.

You can find out more about the project on the official website and by reading Whitepaper

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SEC to Cease Simex Securitites Trading

As reported, under the federal securities laws the SEC can suspend trading in a stock for 10 days
23 October 2018   41

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suspended trading in securities of the American Retail Group (OTC: ARGB), also known as Simex, Inc. This is reported on the website of the agency.

According to representatives of the regulator, the decision was caused by false statements by the company about partnership with a “qualified and approved custodian”. The company also conducted an ICO, which allegedly "officially registered in accordance with the requirements of the SEC."

The SEC does not endorse or qualify custodians for cryptocurrency, and investors should use vigilance when considering an investment in an initial coin offering.

Robert A. Cohen

Chief, SEC Enforcement Division’s Cyber Unit

As reported, the SEC can suspend trading in a stock for 10 days and generally prohibit a broker-dealer from soliciting investors to buy or sell the stock again until certain reporting requirements are met.

Also earlier this month, the American regulator recommended investors to "be vigilant when considering the possibility of investing in the ICO."