Blockchain is the future of nanotechnologies

From this article you will learn how the use of blockchain in Graphene Power project brings the future to innovations and nanotechnologies 
13 December 2017   2661

Graphene is the thinnest and strongest material on Earth, it is just one atom thick yet 150 times stronger than the same weight of steel. A square meter of graphene is 1,000 times lighter than a piece of paper and more flexible than rubber. Graphene conducts electricity more than 200 times more efficiently than silicon and is made entirely of carbon, the fourth most-abundant element in the universe. There are many spheres of life where graphene can be applied and Graphene Power project is developing the innovative technology to bring the material to the wide use in everyday life.

What is Graphene Power?

Graphene Power project aims to implement the first mass production of graphene nanobatteries based on the reason that green energy is 60-70% cheaper. Graphene Power technology will find application in the sector of electric mobility (cars, bikes, motorcycles), electronic devices (computers, smart phones, tablets, wearables), as well as in the field of medicine. 

The company is planning to set up the nano-material graphene manufacturing plant "GRAPHENE POWER" in Yecla, Spain. The plant will be producing the products on the basis of graphene, the batteries and super condensers using the graphene as they consider quick charge and long term batteries lighter and cheaper than their analogues.

Graphene manufacturing plant projectGraphene manufacturing plant project

Graphene Technology Advantages

  • Supercapacitors: Graphene Nano Batteries will enable users to charge the cell phone in 5 seconds
  • No Gas for Cars Required: Electric cars will be entirely charged by the electricity without any need to buy gas ever again
  • Savings: The cars will be fuelled for very cheap prices, and many new cars will offer great incentives for you to receive money from the government for going green
  • No Emissions: A chance to conrtribute to a healthy and green climate as electric cars are 100 percent eco-friendly as they run on electrically powered engines
  • Cost Effective: The mass production of batteries and available tax incentives will bring the cost down, thus, making it much more cost effective
  • Reduced Noise Pollution: Electric motors are capable of providing smooth drive with higher acceleration over longer distances
  • Medical Innovation: The future use of graphene in the medical world varies from improving surgical equipment and bioelectrical imaging devices to more effective DNA sequencing and disinfectants

Nano International Sales Platform

Nano International Sales is an international platform of the new generation which is being developed by specialists of Graphene Power. The platform enables users to present own technologies in the whole world, sell technologies and products on basis of this technologies, conduct auctions, attract investors and partners. The platform will be launched in 2018.

Nano International Sales PlatformNano International Sales Platform

Graphene Power Token Sale Information

  • Ticker: GRP
  • Sales dates: Pre-sale. from Dec 20, 2017 to Jan 10, 2018
    ICO. Q1 2018
  • Total number of tokens: 500M GRP
  • Pre-Sale supply: 30M GRP

Graphene power token distribution piechartGraphene Power Token distribution pie-chart

  • Token price: Pre-sale. 1 ETH = 6000 GRP
  • ICO. 1 week: 1 ETH = 4,000 GRP
    2 week: 1 ETH = 3,750 GRP
    3 week: 1 ETH = 3,500 GRP
    4 week: 1 ETH = 3,250 GRP
    5 week: 1 ETH = 3,000 GRP
  • Soft cap: Pre-sale. 2,000 ETH
    ICO. 100,000 ETH
  • Hard cap: Pre-sale. 5,000 ETH
  • Accepted currencies: ETH


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Bittrex to List LOOM

LOOM is the token of the American startup Loom Network, which launches decentralized applications
18 July 2018   163

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex listed Loom Network token LOOM. 

As the team of the exchange said, trading with the crypto currency will begin in the near future. On the background of this news, LOOM showed a price jump fo 14%.

LOOM Price Chart
LOOM Price Chart

LOOM is the token of the American startup Loom Network, which is launching decentralized applications.

In January, Bittrex tightened the criteria for listing new tokens. Now, developers need to provide technical information about the token itself, as well as the data of at least one team member. At the moment, the exchange has 290 digital coins.