Blockchain is the future of social networking

From this article you will learn how Mimic project brings the future to social networking using blockchain technology
25 December 2017   1060

The number of online internet users is growing, as is the number of mobile users and people using social networks. A high percentage of social network users are young adults, like teenagers and college students. We already know that people copy their role models, but how often do we think about how nice it is to be copied? This means we matter and that we are popular; setting the trend. Everyone else who is copying that person suddenly becomes cool. With Mimic users can challenge people to copy their moves, photos, videos, selfies or anything else!

What is Mimic?

Mimic is a company that is developing a social network with its own cryptocurrency, and has the app which is made of a split screen – a top half and a bottom half. The top half of the screen is what we call the "original" video/photo. The bottom half is where people post their photo/video copying original one. Both parts of a screen are swipeable to the right and to the left. MimiCoin represents the first global cryptocurrency for all current and future online social networks and networking. MimiCoin wants to be the first and largest social coin, and the app is the means to distribute, popularize and bring value to it. Mimic aims to be the first viral social network which will standardize and popularize the usage of cryptocurrency.

Mimic Product

Mimic team has developed and released a working product, the application which already works and allows users to challenge others to copy their moves, have funny responses to the posts, swipe through, upvote and add their own posts.

  • AppStore

Mimic application screenshotsMimic application screenshots


MimiCoin represents the first global cryptocurrency for all current and future online social networks and wants to be the first and largest social coin, and the app is the means to distribute, popularize and bring value to it.

As Mimic grows, the company will start implementing MimiCoin into the app. MimiCoin will be the main currency used to pay for:

  • Advertising within the app
  • In-app purchases
  • Gamification
  • Any other social activity that requires cryptocurrency in Mimic and in other social networks which accept MimiCoin as payment method

Mimic Token Sale Information

  • Sales dates: Phase 1. from Dec 29, 2017 to Jan 8, 2018
    Phase 2. from Jan 9, 2018 to Jan 23, 2018
    Phase 3. from Jan 24, 2018 to Feb 12, 2018
  • Soft cap: 5M MimiCoins
  • Hard cap: 45M MimiCoins
  • Token price: 1 ETH = 500 MIM
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, USD

Mimic Team

  • Dario Begonja - CMO, Marketer
  • Davor Kljajic - CFO, MimiCoin creator
  • Aleksandar Atanacovic - CTO, iOS developer
  • Dario Trbović - CEO, Web developer
  • Domagoj Mirić - ICO marketing
  • Velimir Baksa - Blockchain/Ethereum developer

Mimic plans for the future

  • Social Network: The Mimic app will introduce the cryptocurrency called MimiCoin to the whole world, to young adults and Millenials through the social network
  • Mimicoin: The coin will grow together with Mimic and the community and will become the main social cryptocurrency supported by Mimic
  • iOs/Android/Web: MimiCoin will be distributed and used via different major mobile and web platfroms
  • Mimic: Mimic will support MimiCoin and will grow as a social network beyond the initial idea
  • Spreading the vision: Mimic will actively promote MimiCoin and partner up with other major and upcoming networks for usage and integration of the coin


  • Whitepaper

More Information

  • Website
  • Official blog
  • Medium
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Steemit
  • Instagram

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