Blockchain is a future of sport, travel and trading

Learn how MachtCoin combines sport, travel & tourism, and trading in one blockchain-based platform 
15 January 2018   328

Machtcoin, Adrenaline inspired, is a community based and decentralized cryptocurrency built with the latest blockchain technology and creating an eco-system application based on 3 pillars of the project that consists of sport, travel & tourism, and trading in one platform.

Those 3 were chosen because they are the biggest business on earth that will earn bigger revenue in the years ahead that involving leisure, fun, challenging, and competition. That’s why there are ‘Adrenaline’ and ‘Champion’ jargon in platform philosophy. Developers will create a challenging and competitive yet profitable atmosphere in their platform with a revolutionary business plan that no lending cryptocurrency have and the application is based on major cryptocurrency and machtcoin itself that will eliminate all fiat currency barriers and limitation. Bringing people interest in sport, travel & tourism, and trading in one big marketplace with cryptocurrency is the best solution for us with a low-cost transaction fee, transparent, fast and secure. The details about the project will be explained below.


Sport. Team will create a sophisticated sport betting platform that eliminates high cost fee and manipulation on your bet slip. No third party or agencies can cut off your winnings fee. All process are implementing blockchain technology in the betting system with low risk system malfunction. Sport platform also providing live stream for any sports as a recommendation for your betting bids. Merchandise store also will be provided in the next machtcoin application development, so you can buy your favorite sports club merchandise directly with your machtcoin in the platform. Building partnership with sports club merchandise distributor are important to ensure you can buy original, trusted and of course with the lowest price.


Travel & tourism. Developers say that they have unique ways of developing the platform, since they will involve any users or machtcoin holders as a correspondent in providing travel & tourism destination place. Big data mining in travel & tourism will be open for all. You can provide data about your favorite travel destination with only uploading your selfie or photo with a geo-tag location that will be stored in the database as a recommendation for others to visit your recommendation place.

What is interesting is every legit data you gave the team will be rewarded with a certain amount of machtcoin and you can cash it in the external or internal exchanger. Besides that, the travel platform will also build a partnership with any local or big commercial company that providing travel & tourism services. List your services in our partnership section so you can compete with any local travel & tourism service provider all over the world. Get 5-star rates with your service so people will use your service frequently.


Trading platform will be suitable for professional and beginner trader. Trading platform is using 2 (two) method that suits you most. As a professional trader you can use MT5 based platform for trading with a complete trading indicator which you can set manually in the platform. It is so easy to use. For beginner trader, you can use the binary options method with easy to read graph, general indicators, and real-time price. Just pick ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ button to click and set a period of time for your trading. Pick wisely so you can earn a decent profit from your trading.

Machtcoin eco-system application will be launched after the ICO. The development team works as hard as they can and give you a good deliverance of the application. Сompany also focusing build bigger community and bigger profit for machtcoin user with lending program that will give users profit up to 45% monthly and unlimited level bonus in MCH Manager Program. MCH Manager program is the ace card in business plan that will boost your adrenaline and competitive sense. Machtcoin user who actively involved in marketing will have certain ranks depends on their strong will and group asset. The bigger network tree and asset you build, the bigger profit and good rank you will get. It is obvious that Machtcoin is not just a cryptocurrency, it is extraordinary cryptocurrency that give you big profits and benefits in a long term.

Distribution of funds:

  • 65% Application development and system maintenance
  • 20% Promotion, online/offline marketing, PR and advertising
  • 10% Server expenses
  • 5% Bounties

The ICO period will start on January 15th, 2018 until February 8th, 2018. One Machtcoin (MCH) is valued at 0.88 USD.

Dogethereum Coin Launching in 2018

Dogethereum is a new digital currency, which will be founded on snapshot of Dogecoin and based on ETH algorithm with fastest speed of transactions and smart contracts
21 March 2018   75

Bitcointalk forum is well-known for being one of the fastest sourses of news regarding cryptocurrecnies and digital assets. In February of 2018 the thread about Dogethereum, a new decentralized digital currency, which will be founded on snapshot of Dogecoin and based on ETH algorithm with fastest speed of transactions, smart contracts, appeared on Bitcointalk.

As it was stated in the announcement, the goal of the project is to push Doge currency to the brand new direction, with no ASIC mining, speed and simplicity. The project is stated to be community driven, and there will be no ICOs, premines or other manipulations. DOGX is developed by professional team of engineers and economists who are passionate about crypto currensies, so there are no extra commissions, fees or predefined stakes.

Roadmap of Dogethereum:

  • Establish secure stable network -  DONE 
  • Warm up and prepare network for public access - IN PROGRESS
  • Fork of all coins DOGE 1:1 DOGX - DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED
  • Public advertisement and promo - SOON
  • Listing on crypto Exchanges 
  • Research and development of faster algorithm with better scalability - 2019

The exact fork date has not been announced yet, but it is reportedly scheduled for winter 2018.