Blockchain scalability addressed in Vietnam

During Vietnam Blockchain Week (March, 7-8) in Ho Chi Minh city Achain startup suggested an approach towards the issue
12 March 2018   75

The two-day event attracted thousands blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world. One of the most delicate issues of the technology - its scalability, was the point of interest of a special panel during the event. It is reported the panel discussion was the most heated of all.

A public blockchain Achain has come to Vietnam with actual suggestions. First of all, it has designed a new consensus algorithm - Result DPoS. It inherited the benefits of the acclaimed DPoS algorithm, but brings optimization of block generation and delegated nodes, and increases the speed of reaching the consensus among the delegates. This results in a faster Transaction Process System at Achain.

The second proposal is a so called 'forking theory'. Basically, the concept assumes a parallel system of forks cooperating as a unified system that achieves processing goals in reaction to real-world events individually.

We are trying to build a blockchain network by forking to create different functional forks or 'sub-chains' that will improve performance and create new application scenarios. Overall, we believe this is a great solution to blockchain scalability issues.


Kyle Lu

Partner & VP, Achain

Looking at Achain's counterparts in question (Lightning Network, Sharding, etc), they're also trying to increase capacity and performance of the platform by searching for a technical breakthrough.

SEC to Start Crypto Hedge Funds Check

To date, the regulator has identified at least 100 funds working with crypto-currencies
23 March 2018   11

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is preparing to check about 100 hedge funds that work with crypto-currencies. The Wall Street Journal writes about this with reference to a source familiar with the situation.

The initiative followed the announcement of the verification of dozens of crypto-currency start-ups suspected of spreading securities under the guise of digital tokens.

Although the agency will pay attention to various violations during its audit, the main task is to inform the market participants about the policies that the regulator adheres to the crypto currency, the source said.

The audit will begin within 2 months, the source said. The Commission will pay attention to whether the assets that buy hedge funds match those that they offer to their investors. The SEC will also check how hedge funds inform investors about the risks and how their documents describe the trading strategy for crypto-currencies and tokens. To date, the regulator has identified at least 100 funds working with crypto-currencies.

The SEC directly regulates hedge funds under the control of which there are assets worth more than $ 150 million, and smaller companies check periodically. In 2017, 84 crypto-currency hedge funds were launched.