Blockchain Technology Forum to discuss the blockchain future

The Chinese Association for Science and Technology USA-Greater New York (CASTUSA-GNY) is bringing some of the most interesting blockchain project teams on May 13 to discuss dApps and smart protocols.
12 May 2018   232

Some of the most important and interesting blockchain project teams are going to convene at Blockchain Technology Forum on May 13. The event is organized by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology USA-Greater New York (CASTUSA-GNY) and Blockchain Bridge Partners, in partnership with xGoogler Blockchain Alliance and Crypto News Agency. The discussion will concern the innovation of smart protocols and accompanying DApps that provide the decentralization of content publishing, identity, search, and more.

The venue is chosen at the Google NYC offices. The structure of the event is comprised of short presentations from each of the speakers followed by a panel discussion with a networking session at the end of the forum. Among the speakers there will be

  • Nebulas Co-Founder and CTO Robin Zhong;
  • Primas Co-Founder and CTO Gan Lu;
  • Bytom Head of Business Development Juan Ibagon;
  • Achain International Business Director Dane Elliott;
  • uPort Head of Strategy & Operations Danny Zuckerman

To learn more details of the event you can visit the Eventbrite page here.

PascalCoin to activate V3 Hard fork

PascalCoin V3 Hard fork will be activated on block 210,000 on May 31 and feature anonymity via transaction mixing and inflation reduction
26 May 2018   39

PascalCoin is preparing for V3 Hard fork scheduled for May 31. It will introduce key improvements as such:

  • anonymity transaction mixing;
  • 50% inflation reduction;
  • Lazarus/FPC gets 10% of funding

To get more into the details:

PascalCoin transactions occur between publicly visible accounts and the crucial aspect needs to be implemented - fungibility. The improvement will allow users to perform 'client-server mixing', 'network-protocol mixing', 'chaining multi-transactions', 'decentralized exchanging' and 'monetized-API mixing'.

As for Lazarus/FPC (a base tooling from which PascalCoin is founded on), a total of 10% of the Developer Rewards is recommended to be allocated for the FOSS project funding. In a long run, a large developer mind-share is expected to reduce costs significantly.

To learn more about the details of the fork, you can visit Improvement Proposal page here. And regarding the market characteristics of PascalCoin, at the moment of publication they are as follows:

Average price 0.765895 USD
Market cap 15,978,408 USD
Volume (24H) 89,861 USD