Bluehill IOST Blockchain Incubator to be Launched

Startup claims it will work with Binance Labs and Huobi Capital when investing in companies
21 June 2018   559

The Bluehill startup incubator was launched after the company raised $ 50 million. Its main task will be the development of the IOST ecosystem. This is reported by CoinDesk.

The company announced the beginning of accepting applications from start-ups on a long-term basis and intends to allocate an average of $ 500,000 per project, including "both seed investments of $100,000 and follow-on investments in the low millions."

It is noteworthy that the startup promises to make investments together with Binance Labs and Huobi Capital.

[We are] open to all projects irrespective of whether they're presently building on IOST. Our focus is on backing the best teams early and aligning our interests with theirs right from the start so that we can build trust and familiarity with the most enduring companies.


According to the announcement, Bluehill has already sponsored 7 projects that develop decentralized applications. Of these, 6 are developing on the IOST detachment, and the seventh creates a separate blockchain.

BitForex to Become Trading Volume Leader

For a while, the indicator of the daily trading volume of the BitForex exchange was held at around $ 14 billion
02 August 2018   316

Due to the use of the so-called trans-fee mining model, little known crypto-exchange BitForex became the leader in terms of trading volume. This is reported by CryptoGlobe.

Coinmarketcap Trading Volume
Coinmarketcap Trading Volume

For a while, the indicator of the daily trading volume of the BitForex exchange was held at around $ 14 billion. To date, the value of this indicator has dropped to $ 5.3 billion. Nevertheless, it is more than five times higher than that of the popular Binance exchange.

Just yesterday, BitForex launched its BF token, which users of the trading platform can extract using the trans-fee model previously used on the CoinEx and FCoin exchanges.

The most popular trading pair on the BitForex exchange was BTC / USDT.

BitForex was launched in June this year. The site is based in Singapore, but Seychelles was chosen as the place of registration by the owners.

The company's website says that 80% of trade commissions are returned to holders of BF tokens. The latter will have the opportunity in the future to participate in solving key issues of the platform and its community. It is also indicated that the BF offer is limited to ten billion coins.