Boening to Use Blockchain in Unmanned Flights

Largest aerospace corporation joined forces with AI company SparkCognition to create a decentralized platform for unmanned aerial vehicles monitoring
18 July 2018   1046

Aerospace Corporation Boeing announced its intention to use blockchain technology in monitoring unmanned aerial vehicles, which will be used to carry cargo and implement other scenarios. This is reported by Boeing Mediaroom.

Boeing has entered into an agreement with SparkCognition, an artificial intelligence company, to create a decentralized platform capable of "monitoring unmanned aerial vehicles and assigning traffic corridors and routes," thus ensuring safe transportation of cargo, the company said.

It is expected that the technology will be used in the development of new generation of air vehicles, which the company intends to use to achieve a number of tasks, for example, in the delivery of goods and in urban passenger transportation, similar to the Uber-developed "air taxi service".

Boeing intends to use a "standardized software interface to ensure the supply of goods, production control and other commercial use scenarios." Which blockchain will be used in the project, the company does not specify.

We're at a point in history where technological advances and societal trends are converging to demand bold solutions and a different way to travel. Boeing has the experience and expertise to safely and efficiently shape this emerging world of travel and transport. Through Boeing NeXt, we intend to build on our legacy of opening up new frontiers to move people and goods with proven technologies.

Greg Hyslop

Chief technology officer, Boeing

To prepare for the production of such solutions, the world's largest aviation company has established a new division called Boeing NeXt, which will be engaged in research in the field of autonomous flights. Boeing NeXt is also responsible for developing the concept of supersonic passenger flights and other innovative projects.

Apple to Acquire

Apple's decision came just in time - management of self-driving car startup was going to lay off a lot employees on Friday, 28.06
27 June 2019   469

Apple confirmed to Axios and The Verge that it bought a startup As you can guess from the name, he developed the system of unmanned vehicle control. In recent times, things have been going badly. The management was going to close the company on Friday and disband the employees. tested its technology on the redesigned Nissan NV200s - a bright orange car with several LED screens. They displayed messages for passersby and other road users: that the car gives way to a pedestrian, continues to move or turns into a ramp.

According to The Verge, a year ago, was considered one of the most promising startups in its field. It was estimated at 200 million dollars. According to the publications, Apple paid less for a startup.